Thursday, 7 May 2009

First Kill

Milo caught his first bird. Clever boy. Not to be outdone, Miss Hoops caught one too, only she brought it in the house still warm...Yuck. Harry then decided to get rid of a pesky magpie that landed 2 inches away from him. He may be old but he still is not to be underestimated. That's 3 for 3....whose turn is it next?

Normally for Gb surgery it is keyhole but mine is in such a mess plus they are not sure whether stones are escaping I was told that to be realistic I would have to expect open surgery. I asked if they could make the keyhole openings a bit bigger but no dice.

Happy belated birthday to Todd. Sorry, mate I did mean to write on fb but my time got away with me yesterday!!!! Hope you had a great day!

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