Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Yesterday I spent a frustrating hour trying to get a sooner appointment. I was told that Mr Farouk's secretary didn't work Mondays at the end of it. Today I phoned up to be told that Mr Farouk was a very busy man and there was no hope of getting in sooner because of Easter. Oh, but I can pay to go private well, I'm sure I can but with what? Shirt buttons? So I am doomed to wait in pain and with nausea, back ache to die for and a lovely taste of rotten eggs. The secretary did say she would try and would phone me. Has she? The survey says: DA DA!

On a brighter note. My dear friend Sally is getting remarried in July. She has had a rough few years with her ex being a $%^£ but she now has Mark who is perfect for her. Of course being a good friend I had the first invite, so naturally I need a dress. Now call me thrifty but I refuse to spend a ransom on a dress so where do we go? eBAY! I tracked down a gorgeous cream and purple (what else) tea dress from Monsoon which retails at £85. I waited until the last mintue on the auction and swooped in with 1 minute to spare and bought it for £20!!!! Bargain. I already have shoes and a bag to match so outfit sorted. I am also going to wear it to my parents 40th wedding anniversary in June. I also got a purple summer top for 50pence!!! Gotta love eBay...

I have parents evening tomorrow so will be reporting on Ed's progress.

Well, must pootle, I hear Hannah Montana downstairs so must change channel!!


Thursday, 26 March 2009

quick update

Quickly before my pc crashes!!!

Woke up this morning with tummy ache and sickness :( When will I get this appointment? WHEN?

A sad week with Natasha Richardson passing. I won't comment on Jade Goody for I don't have much to say.

Ed did a production of Grease on Tues. So funny!!! What a talented lad I have. Will post pics shortly!!!!!

Happy birthday to Jared my nephew. He was 12 on Tues! How time flies... I am getting old people!!!!!

Right. Banking to do and hair. Oh I had to go back and get mine fixed. A terrible do. Think banana colour hair and that's what I looked like. Enough said.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Happy Red Nose Day!

I celebrate red nose day with a hair do. I have gone very blonde. Not by choice I didn't have my usual hairdresser and she got a bit carried away. It will fade. She also cut too much off *sigh* Never mind it will grow. Look at how positive I am being. Once it curls up it's not too bad.

Thanks you all for your good wishes. I made it to Friday and I managed a little drive out in my car. It hurt like hell but I can't stay here for 6 weeks like a wilting flower, no siree Bob! Nope I have to get on with it. I spoke to my GP (family Doc) and she told me very cheerfully that everything is very inflammed and would be until the Op. "Just keep on the painkillers dear" and the ever helpful, "It's just one of those things" Don't you love health care professionals? Anyhoo, like I say, I have a job (3) and a home and a son who rely on me so if I decide to go to pieces what will that achieve? Anyway, that's what early nights and really strong Codeine is for.

The good news is I can still do the Race For Life. I have to walk it though but I will not be defeated I will run it next year.

Well I must go, Ed is due home and I must sort out his swimming gear!

Have a good weekend all.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Sorry For The Delay..

Well, what a to do! 24 hrs after my last post I was rushed into hospital in the early hours. A stay of over a week revealed, a stomach ulcer, Gall stones and a mild heart attack.


In the course of the week one gallstone decided it was going to block my Liver duct and stop the Liver working. So, jaundice and much pain later the stone was removed by Endoscopy. I have to return in 6 weeks to have the Gall Bladder removed when I hope that everything will return to normal (well, normal for me) In the meantime I have a restricted diet because if I eat too much my life is not worth living and I must rest. Not easy. However, I am doing as I am told (for once) because I never ever want to experience pain like I have had or am currently having. Who knew Gall Bladders could be so annoying.

Jase did really well holding the fort here with Eddie. It's safe to say the cats missed their Mummy and we have a new addition. Willow the hamster is here. I caved...I am weak... My son, tear stained cheeks, the big eyes, I had NO chance! She is very sweet though, white with beady black eyes!

Well, that's my update for now, back to bed for a rest!