Wednesday, 9 June 2010


We went to Blenheim Palace and took some photos. Also here is Ed victorious!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

I Had A |Dream

Well, a weird one anyway.

It starts with a haunted house. I have just gone and got a chinese takeaway and run (yes) 4 miles to get it home. I then turn up at this random house which is boarded up. I break in to eat the said food, and decide to sleep in this house (?). I am snuggling down in a bed when 4 aliens pop their heads around the door. I chat away very nicely with them until there is a commotion outside. Doctor Who then comes in, not the new Doctor, the old one...Hmmm...never liked David Tennant...Anyway, I shoot downstairs because I am worried that one of the aliens are snuffling my sweet and sour (ha)and the house starts talking...Now, I think this stems from seeing the Amityville House was being sold but don't quote me,. All of a sudden, my cats show up! I spend ages making sure I have everything including my food and head home....WEIRD! Oh and Miss Hoops ended up with a little Cyberman helmet on with cyber meow.....Hmmm.......

I woke up and was ridiculiously grateful when Miss Hoops gave me a cuddle without trying to upgrade or delete me.

Moral of this story.....Don't eat soft cheese even if it is low fat before bedtime!!!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Nah, nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, hey, hey, hey..GOODBYE!

Yes, Gordon Brown has gone! Yippee! David Cameron is Prime Minister and a wave of change has swept the country. The last few days have been fraught with double dealing, rumour and cross wires. Cameron has emerged with dignity and respect and I hope that this is a new beginning. I think a coalition is the way forward and at last labour is out!

Goodbye Mr Brown! Don't let the door of number 10 hit you on the way out.

Thursday, 6 May 2010


The time has come! Get voting and make that change!

Blue is best!!!!

If only our Labour chap was as good as the one across the pond (sigh) Oh well.

Don't waste that vote!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Tomorrow is our general election. Who to vote for? In short;

Vote yellow, get Brown.

I trust that clears it up.

Remember WE did not vote Mr Brown in. He ruined our economy when he was Chancellor. Lets give someone else a go. Lets face it, the country is in a mess but a hung parliament is NOT the answer.


This ends the political broadcast for The No Bollocks Party!!!!!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010


It;s 4pm and I have finally sat down. I have ironed, worked, been driven mad. The garden looks lovely, we mowed, weeded and beautified. It needs a second go so this weekend we will be out. I need to buy some more flowers as most of mine died in the winter. One of my fuscia's survived though which I am really pleased about.

Well we are in the middle of April and the year is flying by. My holiday is creeping up and will soon be upon us. Looking forward to some sun!!!!

The rest of my week is busy. Lots of work etc plus Ed is still on holiday from school. Roll on Tues when he goes back. I did get outstanding on my assessment though so well done me!

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Soap Box Time

You find me annoyed.

I pay £190 road tax which is supposed to do towards our roads. Others pay more some pay less. Our roads are in a sorry state. Pot holes galore due to the snow. The councils are doing nothing to resolve this. Combine this with the price of fuel £1.18 a litre thank you very much and it's a sad state of affairs. What is the government doing? Well, I imagine Alaistair and Gordon are sat in their smoking jackets laughing, " Raise it by a penny, Darling" sipping their brandy. The General Election is looming and what to do? You have Dave. Dave is your mate, he's down, he's hip, he knows what is happening. Then you have Gordon. A man who at some point had a personality but has lost it over the years. Ruined our economy and can't speak in public without people dozing off. Do you vote for Dave simply because he is the lesser or two evils? Or pick Gordon....Hmmmm.....I know who I will vote for.

Easter is upon us. Great Britain is awash with snow, rain and high winds. Fabulous. We have a busy weekend with football, family gatherings and chocolate of course. Tesco is busy because SHOCK, it is closed on Sunday. People are going mad, buying milk and bread. Now, it's open Fri, Sat and Monday. Honestly.

I have a funeral tomorrow. A client of 20 years passed away. Lovely lady.

Friday, 26 March 2010


Well, I have a kidney infection an a stone, how lovely. Jase called the office to tell them I would be off and he got a BIG sigh. Charming. How rude. Oh well, I have to rest and it's tough.

Ed doesn't believe in Santa anymore. Or the tooth fairy or the bunny. He is growing up so fast. I can't believe he is 12 this year!

I bought a slanket. It's a fleece with arms!! Fabulous keeps me warm and I need that at the mo.

Well, thats all for now :)

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Go Compare

Go compare, go compare, its an annoying ad, really bad, go compare......

I hate this advert I really do.

Nice to see Peter the duck triumphed on the "K" factor. Ed loved the guitar playing Spiderman. We expect great things.

Nothing much to report except I am sporting a killer migrane today which will not ease. Have taken pills but doing nothing. Oh well.

Well must get back to work

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Happy Mothers Day!

Yes its Mother's day. Happy Mothers day to all :) Happy Birthday to my Dad! Unlucky Dad, today you must share :)

I am off to work shortly. Yesterday was so busy. Carers went sick (funny that) so me and another girl were roped in to cover. I worked all morning then all night. Luckily, the clients were all very sweet (unlike the tasks) despite that and the pressure I am feeling rewarded and I am going to ask tomorrow to take a high qualification in care. The company pay so why not?

I was woken this morning by Ed handing me cards. One from the cats, one from him and one from Jase. Very sweet. Also got flowers so good day all round. Jason cleaned out the hamster. Imagine my horror (insert sarcasm) when it was announced that Willow was out of chews. HORROR!!!! The hamster will have to rough it, I mean, the humanity of it all!!!! Next I will be told Milo can't get a place on the bed!!!!

Well, thats all for now, I am gathering the gloves and aprons for tonight.!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


I bring the news that Eddie got into The Boys Grammar School. Its by far the best school in the area and we have high hopes. He has done so well and achieved so much, we couldn't be prouder. Ed wants to be a Doctor so its a perfect place to start. Of course other Mum's are being horrible but whatever, if their child works hard then they will achieve too. My nephew is doing spectacularly well at his school and we know we are going to see fab things from him! My niece starts the same school so come on my family!!!!!! Clever children. :)

I have been rushing around today and now as consequence have a headache that no painkiller can well, kill. I am waiting for the shopping to be delivered because like Mother Hubbard my cupboards are quite bare. Not a morsal survives. I am poised to answer the door as I type. At least the cats are fed. (we don't ever run out of their food no siree) In fact Miss Hoops is watching me type. She's waving...well, not really but I know she would if she could.

oh! doorbell!!!!!! Fooood

Friday, 26 February 2010

A Year On

Well, its been a year since I had my heart attack and the gallbladder kicked off. I have to say I am alot healthier these days!!!!! Ed has healed amazingly well and we find out about his school on Monday. My new job is going well and although hard work, it's very rewarding.

Things are looking up. I have decided not to sweat the small stuff and people will just have to get on with things. My priorities are me and mine I'm afraid.

Finally, Happy Birthday to my Sis. 39 today! You don't look it, Vicki!

Thursday, 18 February 2010


Well after 2 weeks I am back. Ed is well on the way to recovery with school on Monday. No sport or anything yet though:( His scar is very neat and healing very well I am happy to report.

Since I have been at home I have had plenty of time for my Davina DVD. Have gone down 1 dress size in a month!!!! Good times!

Ok, Return To Eden: In a nutshell:

Steph faked her death. Dan ran off with Jilly's neice. Jake got Jilly pregnant and married her. Sarah married Angelo (whose real name is Angelo D'Angelo)then ran off with Tom who was NOT her Brother after all. Cassie has ditched the gold and silver lame and gone for bustiers instead combined with frizztastic hair. Dennis has disappeared. Lots of talk of Crocodiles and Harper Mining.

Later, Croc fans!!!!!

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Poor Ed

Fri afternoon Eddie came home from school complaining of stomach ache. He put himself to bed and refused the school disco. An hour later, I took him to A&E. He was admitted with appendicitis. His appendix was removed yesterday. We are now home and he is poorly but being so brave. I am exhausted.....

No update on Return To Eden. Sorry had other things to worry about!

Thursday, 4 February 2010

When Will They Learn?

Honestly, I am tired of reading of pop/rock stars who have died due to drugs and booze. When will the learn? It's not cool, it's not clever and they are dead. Where is the logic in that? Mind you I am still stunned that Ozzy is still alive. Wake up and smell the reality, guys.

Drink and drugs are bad. OK?

Ok, Return To Eden...let me bring you up to speed.

Jake controls Harper Mining. Steph is gonna fight, fight, fight for this love..(thanks Cheryl) Dan has gone all moody again despite Steph finding him washed up on a beach (no gratitude) Tom is Steph's son!!!! Sarah who still is a bit frizzy loves Tom and not in the brotherly sense. Ooops. Dennis is well, not sure really and Cassie is bored of gold and has switched to Silver lame...very fetching.

DA DA DAH!!!!!!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Marry In Haste

Well, Alex Reid has married Satan. Satan in false eyelashes and hair extensions no less. Yes, Kate Price has married Alex Reid on the back of his win in Big Brother. Will this woman stop at nothing for publicity? She was recently voted Britains most hated woman and we all know why.

Le me give you a hint, Kate. We don't like you, we are bored of your endless desperate attention seeking plots. Your money grabbing schemes oh and your lack of care for your children.


Sorry.....had to get that off my chest. All I can say is, Alex:

You'll be sooorrrrrryyyyyy........

Friday, 29 January 2010


Yeah!!! Weekend ahoy! Thank Goodness although I have had a good week :) The oven was cleaned today and looks brand new. Its getting colder by degrees here and I forecast a cold weekend. Had a trim on the hair, nothing major you will be pleased to hear :)

Not long now until we hear which school Eddie got. Fingers crossed he gets Aylesbury Grammar. Its the BEST school. He has the brain :) They have the technology. Its all good.

Ok, back to more important things.

Today on....Return To Eden.

Stephanie rushes after Dan after he throws his toys from the pram and feels neglected. Altogether now...Ahhhh... Cassie ups the gold lame stakes with a glitzy all in one with matching hair accessory. Jake (who lurves Steph) sleeps with Jilly again (even though he lurves Steph) and gets control of Harper Mining. OOHHHH...... Dashing back to her work,Steph jumps off a boat just as it blows up with stroppy Dan on board!!! Oh No....The suspense... Is Dan alive? Can Steph swim without worrying about Harper Mining? Will Sarah EVER find hair straighteners? The answers to all these questions on Monday....

Until then, Croc fans...

Thursday, 28 January 2010


Ok, why do people post on Facebook without thinking? I have a client on there who just posted how much she loves her new haircut. I didn't do it. Nice. That's how I found out. No word from her to say she is unhappy or she is going to someone else (which I don't care about) She is one of my "friends" too so she knows I read her posts. Charming. As Bob pointed out, people rarely think and he is dead right.

You can read Bob's blog here... I heartily recommend it.

Are people that rude? Or did she just think "oh well" or did she simply not care? Who knows. It's hurtful though considering I always dropped everything to fit her in. No loyalty. No intelligence. No big loss. I have hidden her posts now and will remove her completely next week. Doubt she will notice though.

Anyway......back to our regular blog!

I missed Return To Eden today so you will all be heartbroken to hear no review for that episode. However will be back to update you tomorrow.

Do I hear bated breath?

Wednesday, 27 January 2010


Its freezing today! I made the effort to do my hair and makeup and wear a nice dress, it does make you feel a bit better!

Davina was getting easier today. I managed to do the whole thing without stopping and did another section of the DVD!!!! Mind you I looked like a tomato when I had finished LOL.

Today on Return To Eden..... Dan and Steph have argued..Jake Sanders HAS to be stopped, people!!!!! Jilly who has turned out to be Steph's sister has spent the whole episode moaning about how she served 7 years for Steph's attempted murder, plus jumping into bed with Jake and Phillip (exhusband) Dennis drives the banana Porsche with Cassie who still is loving her gold lame. Oh and Angelo the boxer is actually called Angelo in real life because he can't remember an extra name.

To Stephanie!!!

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

And Relax!

I have just sat down! I did 40 mins of Davina again (go me) it was slightly easier, not much but I didn't weeze this time. Always a plus.

I have a hair appointment on Fri. Just a cut, I am tempted to do something radical but I probably will stick to "just the ends" Last time I went for the chop Jason didn't talk to me for a week. Well I did go from long to short. Never mind.

Today on Return To Eden, Dan has gone from a plastic surgeon to brain surgeon! Wow, the versatility. There is Sarah (you could trick or treat with her hair) and Cassie who wears too much gold lame to be decent. Stephanie has gone into a meltdown after finding a crocodile in her swimming pool (like you do) and is now having endless flashbacks to her original croc encounter and is seeing her damaged face before Dan the man fixed it for her. Confused? Eat the ham up!

Monday, 25 January 2010

Dear Lord!!

Davina, what have you done to me????? I did 40 mins of kick boxing with Davina today on her DVD. It was really hard work and I was sweating buckets when I was done but I did it!!! Go me! Then I did my power plate for 10 mins. My thigh muscles are going to reeeeeeally hurt tomorrow but I am determined to carry on. I can't afford the gym but this I can do in my lounge everyday so no excuses can be accepted. For the first time in weeks I dont feel like going to bed and my mood has lifted! Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 23 January 2010


Why is it even though I and millions of others pay road tax, the roads are full of potholes? Its a disgrace. Driving back from Reading tonight was ridiculous, I looked drunk as I weaved across the road to avoid damaging my car. *sigh*

Its getting cold again, I am sitting here with the fire on trying to warm up. I shall go to bed shortly and watch telly from under my duvet. My mission tomorrow is to buy tiles for my bathroom floor. After 7 years I have tired of the carpet and have decided to replace the flooring. Sounds simple but knowing how the universe works I will dig up a body or something nasty ;)

No Return To Eden update today, its back Monday I bet you all can't wait!!!!!!

Friday, 22 January 2010


Thank God its Friday.

I have purchased one new sports bra and running trousers. I am all set.

I ate sausages last night and the sausage gods have punished me. Punished me beyond anything!!!!! No more sausages for me.

I have done a DIY bird feeder made from the netting of oranges. Its very Blue Peter and its got lovely birdie food in it. Bring on the birds! Not Hitchcock Birds, normal birds... heh.

Quick Return To Eden update... Stephanie has bad dreams, Jake wants her company, Dan is well..Dan and everyone is doublecrossing everyone else all to a stirring guitar ridden 80's soundtrack...Lovely hammy goodness!!!

Thursday, 21 January 2010


I am watching Return To Eden. An epic Australian tail that follows Stephanie Harper after she was eaten by a crocodile. Plastic surgery and a whole lot of hammy acting later she gets her revenge complete with shoulder pads. Now, the story continues...... Between that and Dynasty I am all soaped out!

The Doctor reports my thyroid is fine. She suggests going to a gym. Ok love, I work 3 jobs, look after a child, cook, clean and if I'm lucky, sleep. Silly woman and I told her so. Oh and then she said I was depressed and there might be psycological problems. Well, I have been mad for years as Jason will testify but ummm she made it sound like I should be in Bedlam. Bloody healthcare professionals. I shall run again once my fractured foot heals which as I am sure you agree is a good excuse not to run at the moment.


Cup of green tea anyone?

Saturday, 16 January 2010

It's Alive!!!!

Well. Bronchitus, sinusitus and a possible dead thyroid. The hits keep on coming!!! I have spent the week in bed coughing and dying by degrees. A blood test on Thurs left me with track marks which makes me look like I have a habit. I have a doc appointment on Thurs to see what gives.

Highly annoying.

Today I am feeling more normal but I get tired easily. I must wash the hair (washed 10 days ago) and address the bath issue! First a cup of tea and The Parent Trap with the late Natasha Richardson and Lindsey Lohan while she was cute.

Harvey was registered at the vet as a Hickman. They have disappeared next door again and Harvey clearly considers this his home even though Miss Hoops gets huffy on a regular basis. I shudder to think what would have become of the old man this winter.

Lunch with Mum and Dad tomorrow. Big Yum!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Birthday Girl

Well its my birthday. I am feeling and looking every inch my 37 years. Luckily I have a great posse who keep me grounded. I went out with them last night and had a hoot!! Despite Sarah falling over and clouting Sally in the nose, an accident I quickly add. Tonight Jason is taking me out. I am wearing my Chanel number5 that Jase and Ed bought me.

Some friends have forgotten. They are now off my friends list. One in particular. Birthdays fall on the same date every year, anyone who forgets is well, not worth bothering with. How hard is it to remember unless you are completely self absorbed.

Its cold here with more snow on the way. Ed has been off school for a week now. Monday is not looking great we shall see.

Well. Thats about it. Must change the profile ;)

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Happy New Year!!!!¬!

A bit late I know but with colds, sinus trouble and general running around its been hectic. Well 15 inches of snow is forecast tonight. What joy. I bought Ed a sledge from Ebay purely because you can't get one anywhere else. We await its arrival.

Harvey is firmly one of the family now even taking over guarding duty from Harry.

My birthday approaches. 37!! The horror. I do feel old. I am hoping that this year is so much better than the last. However if this damp cold weather continues I will look like a little okld woman!!! LOL

Oh....Yes... Doctor Who. New logo, new Doctor.....time (geddit) will tell. I do like the look though and glad to see DT go.

Well, must go and batton down the hatches. Keep warm everyone!