Thursday, 28 January 2010


Ok, why do people post on Facebook without thinking? I have a client on there who just posted how much she loves her new haircut. I didn't do it. Nice. That's how I found out. No word from her to say she is unhappy or she is going to someone else (which I don't care about) She is one of my "friends" too so she knows I read her posts. Charming. As Bob pointed out, people rarely think and he is dead right.

You can read Bob's blog here... I heartily recommend it.

Are people that rude? Or did she just think "oh well" or did she simply not care? Who knows. It's hurtful though considering I always dropped everything to fit her in. No loyalty. No intelligence. No big loss. I have hidden her posts now and will remove her completely next week. Doubt she will notice though.

Anyway......back to our regular blog!

I missed Return To Eden today so you will all be heartbroken to hear no review for that episode. However will be back to update you tomorrow.

Do I hear bated breath?

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  1. she prob just simply didn't think. { }