Thursday, 21 January 2010


I am watching Return To Eden. An epic Australian tail that follows Stephanie Harper after she was eaten by a crocodile. Plastic surgery and a whole lot of hammy acting later she gets her revenge complete with shoulder pads. Now, the story continues...... Between that and Dynasty I am all soaped out!

The Doctor reports my thyroid is fine. She suggests going to a gym. Ok love, I work 3 jobs, look after a child, cook, clean and if I'm lucky, sleep. Silly woman and I told her so. Oh and then she said I was depressed and there might be psycological problems. Well, I have been mad for years as Jason will testify but ummm she made it sound like I should be in Bedlam. Bloody healthcare professionals. I shall run again once my fractured foot heals which as I am sure you agree is a good excuse not to run at the moment.


Cup of green tea anyone?

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