Saturday, 9 January 2010

Birthday Girl

Well its my birthday. I am feeling and looking every inch my 37 years. Luckily I have a great posse who keep me grounded. I went out with them last night and had a hoot!! Despite Sarah falling over and clouting Sally in the nose, an accident I quickly add. Tonight Jason is taking me out. I am wearing my Chanel number5 that Jase and Ed bought me.

Some friends have forgotten. They are now off my friends list. One in particular. Birthdays fall on the same date every year, anyone who forgets is well, not worth bothering with. How hard is it to remember unless you are completely self absorbed.

Its cold here with more snow on the way. Ed has been off school for a week now. Monday is not looking great we shall see.

Well. Thats about it. Must change the profile ;)

1 comment:

  1. hey lady, hb there! glad to hear you're having a lovely time. enjoy your special time!!!