Wednesday, 27 January 2010


Its freezing today! I made the effort to do my hair and makeup and wear a nice dress, it does make you feel a bit better!

Davina was getting easier today. I managed to do the whole thing without stopping and did another section of the DVD!!!! Mind you I looked like a tomato when I had finished LOL.

Today on Return To Eden..... Dan and Steph have argued..Jake Sanders HAS to be stopped, people!!!!! Jilly who has turned out to be Steph's sister has spent the whole episode moaning about how she served 7 years for Steph's attempted murder, plus jumping into bed with Jake and Phillip (exhusband) Dennis drives the banana Porsche with Cassie who still is loving her gold lame. Oh and Angelo the boxer is actually called Angelo in real life because he can't remember an extra name.

To Stephanie!!!

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