Tuesday, 26 January 2010

And Relax!

I have just sat down! I did 40 mins of Davina again (go me) it was slightly easier, not much but I didn't weeze this time. Always a plus.

I have a hair appointment on Fri. Just a cut, I am tempted to do something radical but I probably will stick to "just the ends" Last time I went for the chop Jason didn't talk to me for a week. Well I did go from long to short. Never mind.

Today on Return To Eden, Dan has gone from a plastic surgeon to brain surgeon! Wow, the versatility. There is Sarah (you could trick or treat with her hair) and Cassie who wears too much gold lame to be decent. Stephanie has gone into a meltdown after finding a crocodile in her swimming pool (like you do) and is now having endless flashbacks to her original croc encounter and is seeing her damaged face before Dan the man fixed it for her. Confused? Eat the ham up!

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