Friday, 18 December 2009


Well, heavy snow fall overnight and as is the tradition in the UK everything has stopped. Schools are closed, no-one goes to work.....well, with the exception of Jase and Ed of course. It took Jase nearly 2 hrs to get to work but hey...he went.

Madness. I remember worse winters than this and everyone coped. Have we gone soft? Has the Tv reality show culture taken its toll?

Sir Terry Wogan signed off from his last show today. I admit I had a sniff as he said goodbye and I confess I was a listener. Many a morning I laughed with ole Tel...Radio 2 will never be the same. Chris Evans???? BLECH......NO THANKS....

Anyhoo, I am in my nice warm house, with warm toast waiting for the phone call asking me to pick up Ed from school.

Good times

Thursday, 17 December 2009


Ok I know it's nearly Christmas but I am not sure I can take one more Christmas movie or song. I watched Amadeus yesterday and had forgotten what a fab film it was. Not a Christmas tree in sight. Nice.

As for the weather, it's cold and snowing.

That is all.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009


It looks like me and hundreds of others have been duped. My knitted character is not coming I have a feeling. The website has vanished and so has my £10. I found forums of other people in the same boat.

Don't you just hate that?


Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Imagine my horror when Ed got home from school today and took his shoes off to reveal black socks. Unremarkable you say, well, until you find out that the socks were actually white. Ahem.

What could have caused it?

Freak weather?

Ed running around with no shoes on?


On closer inspection a very large hole was revealed through his shoe. Oh dear.

3 days left of school so he can wear trainers, I will purchase new shoes in the new year. However I am horrified that he has been walking around with a hole in his shoe for days.

The shoes are now in the bin. Ed is still laughing....

There's a hole in my shoe dear Suzy, dear Suzy.....

Thursday, 10 December 2009

A New Edition

Finally I have 5 mins to update.

We have a lodger.

Harvey, the next doors neighbours cat has moved in. Let me explain...

Heidi has been away for over a week. It's been bitterly cold here overnight and rain in the day. Harvey has only a cold shed with a basket it in it for shelter and warmth. He is the same age as Harry, if not older. He was not fed for at least 3 days before he wandered to our front door crying his heart out.

Now I'm me soft, call me a mug, but there is no way on Earth while I can still breathe that I will let a cat suffer. So I fed him.

The next day, Harvey returned for some more food and it was freezing cold and so was he. He sat at my back door by the cat flap looking wet and miserable and when you touched him he was so cold. So I brought him in, fed him and gave him a seat on my sofa.

Jason and I discussed and decided. We couldn't let Harvey suffer or worse, be taken to the rehoming place where he would sit scared and alone and probably not get another home and be put to sleep. Harvey could have a home here, with us. Harry doesn't seem bothered, just the odd hiss to let Harve know who is boss, Hoops just sniffs prettily and Milo hides behind Hoops (scaredy cat).

So, a quick call to Karen, Harvey's original owner and it was arranged. Harvey has a home with us where he can live out the rest of his days in warmth and comfort, with food, attention and love which lets face it, is all an old gentleman wants.

Since then, Harvey is a regular in the evenings when it gets cold, he lets himself in and curls up and purrs a very happy cat.

If this makes me be it.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Thankful it's Friday!!

I have my poor little boy at home. He got up, got dressed, and then cried because he didn't feel well. So, back to bed he went. Bless he is so pale and being so brave.

It's so nice to have a washing machine that actually washes the clothes!!! My whites are now white and not grey. Fabulous!

Now. Jungle business. Who will win? Gino or Kim? Kim or Gino? I can't wait until the final!!! Yes. I am sad but hey, at least I'm honest about it! LOL

Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Lordy, its cold!!!!

The Christmas tree is up, the cards are written, the presents are wrapped, the food is ordered. I am all set. Just as well as I have a sinus and throat infection. I have a very squeaky voice :(

George walked out!!! Noooooooo.......I wanted him to win. Hmmmm, I will have to back Gino now or Kim.

Well, must dash, Dinner to make, football training to go to...

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Good Times!

I went to see my sister's new house today and very super it is too!!!! Very large and roomy with a fab kitchen I am slightly jealous of (in a good way). I came away with a washing machine!!! Good job too as mine starting leaking this morning. Good timing or what? Mucho thanko to big sis!

Watching Harry Hill tonight it occured to us that we simply must get a knitted character. To google we went and tracked down one. He is coming soon!!!! I must say I am VERY excited about his arrival, we have tinsel ready for his scarf for Christmas!!!!

I met up with another Mum who's child also passed. She is getting a load of abuse too. We have decided to say "Bollocks" to them all and ignore it.

Now, I am snuggled up with my trackie bottoms on with a lovely vanilla and lavender candle listening to the pounding rain outside. It's almost time for I'm A Celebrity....

George To WIN!

Good Times :)

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Blanket Apology

I'm sorry that the weather is bad.

I'm sorry that we are in an economic crisis.

I'm sorry the Sky box doesn't work and I haven't phoned the engineer yet.

I'm sorry that people are being arseholes towards me and are ignoring texts and phone calls but are happy to use my house as a creche.

I'm sorry I have tried to be a nice person and phoned to see how you are.

I'm sorry I barely talk to anyone now for fear of being kicked in the teeth.

But mostly...

I'm sorry my child passed and yours didn't.

My fault entirely.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Price Crash

So, Katie Price is out of the jungle. So, she has dumped her boyfriend. So she feels she has acted like a right twit for the last seven months. So, the British public picked on her. What the hell did she expect?

I SO don't care.

Katie Price is all that is wrong with "celebrity" Britain. Every day she is on the front cover of mags, newspapers and anything else she can get on. She is a nasty, predatary female who loves the spotlight and do anything to get it. Last night, she hogged the limelight whilst poor Lucy Benjamin was forced to endure a measley two minute interview when she should have gotten at least 15 mins. I am glad the Katie Price show has ended and I seriously hope that no more is said about that obnoxious woman. Pete must have been on redial!! He is well out of that.

She has apologised...riiiiight.

As Kim would say: Too little, too late, my love.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Woo Hoo!!

Ed passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 126 out of 140 thats 90%. Grammar school here we come. We have to wait until March until we get his place through but we should get what we asked for! We are so proud of him! It's a shame that most of his friends didn't pass, at the moment it looks like Ed and another chap are the only ones which is a bit of a shock. We went out to dinner last night to celebrate :)

Paris was amazing. We went out first class (thank you Em) walked up the Eiffel tower (needed oxygen) and saw the Mona Lisa and was suitably underwhelmed. If I was priceless for no reason I would look smug too. It was a long day and we were very tired but SO worth it. I will log some pics on shortly for your perusal.

Thursday, 19 November 2009


Tomorrow is D day, Ed gets his results. Oh er....fingers crossed.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Happy Birthday!

11 years today at 7.22am Eddie was born.

It's been a quick 11 years filled with laughter, sadness, struggle and heartache but through it all Eddie has been a joy :)


Happy Birthday, Eddie!!!!!!!!

We love you


Wednesday, 11 November 2009

I tried to do my food shopping online for Xmas. Tesco don't go that far in their delivery slots. CURSES!

I have been running around today and just got home. PHEW! More hair shortly then more of the same tonight. It's exhausting.

We are on countdown for Paris. Picked up the tickets today (thank you Emma!) I shall take piccies and post them here.

Well, work to do...

Sunday, 8 November 2009


We had a cup match today and won 5-1!!! Ed even scored. He never scores because he is always in goal..

I was informed yesterday that (get this) "Just because I don't make an effort with you it doesn't mean I don't care"

Ummmmm, riiight. Surely if you care you make the effort. Or is that just me? It seems that in friendship these days you are expected to just sit back and accept being treated like dirt, GOD FORBID you should DARE express your hurt at the way you have been treated because you then become the villain of the piece. Oh well, lesson learned. I shall keep to my close friends from now on and keep my mouth shut.

On a lighter note, its Ed's birthday on Friday and Paris on Saturday.

OOOh la la!!!!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Bloody Weather!

Well, its cold and raining. I would go for a walk but my back door won't lock and I am waiting for a man to come and secure it. Oh my washing machine has almost died :( Its almost time for it to go to the laundry service in the sky, I wonder if Sugar can make a tag for my poor washer LOL. Its been faithful and true.

I spent a pleasant morning doing hair and seeing my Mum and Dad (Hi, you two) then saw my friend back here where we gossiped and caught up with things. I am now catching up with Bones. I LOVE Booth and Brennan.

I am so sore after shopping and wrapping, who knew it was such good exercise?

Its Bonfire night tomorrow and the fireworks are going off. Milo is a bit scared but the other two don't even twitch an ear. Ed is excited about his birthday and so am I. My little lad is growing up so fast. I can't wait to see his face when he gets his Christmas pressie!!!!!!

OOOH Dragons Den is on...

I'M OUT!!!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Well, from 8.30 am til 4pm I Christmas shopping and wrapped it up but I am DONE!!!!

How organised is that?

Monday, 2 November 2009

A New Week

Well, I am back after a week in Cornwall. Only 18 days until we get Ed's results and 11 days until Ed's birthday! We are taking him to Paris for the day should be very exciting.
I am still waiting to start my new job. The CRB check is still not through and I can't start without it. Hopefully it should arrive soon.

Miss Hoops has her annual nervous break down today. Yes, 5 mins in the vets and she will be in pieces. She is asleep at the moment so she has no idea!!!

I leave you with pictures of Cornwall.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

This Post Will Self Destruct in 5 Seconds!!!

Her mission: To replace her dead vacuum cleaner before Curry's closes. To track down Dyson Animal to her nearest store. To have it assembled and used before 4pm. She has decided to travel to a town where she NEVER goes.

All she has is her wits, her keen sense of observation and a Girls Aloud CD.

Yes, today...she travelled, she looked, she found, she bought, she vacuumed all by 15.49 hrs. Her Audi drove where it had never driven before, cut across lanes of traffic,all to trade in her dead Vax cleaner for the ultimate cleaning machine. God bless Curry's for their deal. God bless Jason for getting bonus or we would have a REALLY dirty house. The best news of all.....

It's purple.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Woo HOO!!

The Honda has sold!!!! YIPPPPEEEEEE!!!! Thank Goodness that car is out of my hair.

My visit to the dentist was interesting. Eddie's teeth are fine mine however, required x rays and a return visit for "treatment". Now, when your dentist says "treatment" with a devilish grin and a rubbing of hands you start to feel uneasy!!!!! I have had this dentist since I was 8 so I do trust him. The words infection of jaw were used and clean it can't be that bad. We shall see.

Milo has a mission. To kill the hamster at all costs. He will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. We have had to lock him out of Eddie's room because he can't be trusted. The other 2 cats are asleep on the bed oblivious to everything and everyone. I am sure Milo is planning a way of getting that bedroom door open. Hmmmmm......

Monday, 19 October 2009


I sit inside on a cold and damp Octobers day with my heating on and a slushy film on the tv. The pressure has changed and I have a barometer headache made worse by an advert of a talking shoe advertising bingo.

My Honda still has not sold. I am getting desperate I don't understand why not so back to auction Weds, keep everything crossed.

Ed and I have the dentist later and then Ed's parents evening. I am looking forward to my holiday next week as this year has been a bloody nightmare. Illness, bad friends, bad situations. It's time to look at next year and hope it brings better times.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

How Shocking

Ed had his usual weekly footie meet today. Sometime in the first half, my friend Claire and I (Hi Claire!) spotted one of our team being taken to his Dad's car. We thought that he was poorly or had been injured. The truth is actually quite shocking.

Our manager had quite reasonably asked the boy to play midfield. However, the lad did not want to play there and wanted to be up front. He started crying on pitch and when our manager asked why he was informed by the boy that it was all his fault and then proceeded to call the manager a twat. Now for our American friends that is NOT a nice word to use even for an adult let alone a child of 10.

When Jase told me about it I was horrified. Our manager is probably the nicest man you will ever meet, plus he is the only one who offered to train and manage the boys, plus how DARE a child speak to anyone like that. If it was Ed I would give him a hiding and ban him from the game until he left home, make him apologise in public and generally take away all privilages. Alas, I fear this child will get away with it because the parents don't care, think its funny and won't do anything. Anyway we won 2-1 after all that.

As to my last post, good chats with my friends (hiya Tina, Claire, Sarah and Wendy) have made me realise that these 2 creatures simply are not worth my time. Their loss, not mine I just hope their girls don't turn out like them.

Friday, 16 October 2009


Facebook is the root of all evil. I have left and returned here where my true friends are. Imagine my hurt when through facebook I find out that a "friend" was too ill to see me but making social engagements with other people and was holding a baby shower and not inviting me. Charming.

So lesson learned and with sadness I cross off another person who decided to take advantage.

I start my new job on 2nd Nov. I am quite looking forward to it, caring is very rewarding and although not everyone would do it, these people do depend on you. I have done my training and have new car will travel!

Ed is waiting for his 11+ results. I think we are more nervous than him because we know how important it is. Fingers crossed it all goes well. I will of course shout the results from this blog when I get them. 20th Nov is the date...very nervewracking.

Monday, 7 September 2009

What a week

Hello blog fans...

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I will begin.....

I start with news of Harry. He had cancer on his ear. Apart from that he is fine. He now only has one ear, a cone on his head and a very sorry attitude. I have a large vet bill.

Next car.. It died today. I now have to get it fixed even though I am getting rid of it in 3 weeks. Another large bill. I had to hire a car because I can't be without one. Another bill. I can't afford to take it to a main dealer cos it would cost triple what I am going to pay. *sigh*

What else can happen? I am taking the stance that worse things happen at sea and although it's REALLY annoying and upsetting nobody died. Luckily when my old car goes to auction the money we make will pay these large bills or at least go a long way towards them so it's not too bad.

*BIG sigh*

Oh I also resigned from the shop. Too little hours for NO money...I have a job interview Fri so fingers crossed.

Well, thats all for now I am going for a long lie down in a darkened room.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Here are some pics of the Ruby wedding do. Couldn't get one of Mum she turned at last minute!! Off to hospital shortly to get signed off....

Monday, 29 June 2009

Happy Anniversary!

13 years ago I got married...they said it wouldn't wrong were they?

40 years ago yesterday my parents got married....Wow...only 27 years to go for us...we had a lovely day with good food, family and friends and we are off tonight for our 2 meals for £10..we know how to eat!!!

Friday, 26 June 2009

What a week

First Ed, then Michael. What is up? I know MJ was a bit of a freak show but 50? Farrah didn't even get the chance to get married.

Thriller. Off The Wall and Bad...great legacies all plus anyone who saw him live will know what an entertainer he truly was. Forget about later years (which sadly he will be infamous for) enjoy his heyday. That poor little boy who looked so happy singing with his brothers, looking normal....

My Eddie is sad and has loaded all the albums onto his iPod...I am sad because despite the freak show he was a bloody genius.

Farrah will always be that beautiful woman in the red bathing suit with that gorgeous smile.. The brave lady who looked her cancer in the eye...that is how she will be remembered...

Rest in Peace ....

Thursday, 25 June 2009

A Funny Thing Happened....

Well, who knew people could be SO petty. Across from my dining window there is a parking space. A Visitors parking space. For the last year the awful woman who rents opposite us has abandoned her parents car there while they lived in Portugal. She changed jobs and finally moved the rusty pile of £$%^ so of course other people parked there. Last night she kicked off by parking said pile of £$%^ on next door's drive. Then got abusive when she was asked to move it. She then called the police. THE POLICE! Over a sodding parking space. Honestly, get a grip woman. She was told until she could produce the deeds showing that that was her space it would be continued to be used by other people. She can't produce that evidence because it doesn't exist so she is going to look more of an idiot than what she is. When she challenged me over it today I merely asked if she was going to send her flying monkeys after us and if she didn't like it she could %^&* off and rent somewhere else.

There rant over. Come back Steve and Fiona...PLEEEASE.......

Friday, 19 June 2009


I have changed my profile piccie....I don't usually photo well at all but WOW me likey this picture!!!!!. Today I have turned a corner, I was very down the last few days, my weight won't settle (still full of air) and just wanted to sleep. Today I got up, showered and now I feel fabulous!!!! I can honestly say I feel like I did when I was 19. Thin, (well, thin for me) and positive and wearing yellow!!!!!.

I am having lunch with my Mummy today and I am looking forward to whatever salad I have. The weather is sunny so I will get out and catch some rays. I am going to try driving tomorrow, hopefully it won't pull much on my tummy, but I have to get back out there I am so sick of being here and walking the same route every day.

5 weeks til my holiday!!!!!! I am going to enjoy every second of it even though it will fly by in no time. Life is good again. I may not have much money, but I have a husband who loves me (rare these days) a son who I adore (Eddie is fab) parents that are fantastic, a sister who cracks me up and wonderful friends and lets face it after this whole bloody mess I am still here and considering what other people go through my little world ain't half bad!!!!!

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Adventures in Gallbladder Land!

Well, I am back home sans Gallbladder. I got away with keyhole surgery thank god so recovery time should be good. I was first on the list much to Jason's relief (he does not wait well) and went down at 08.20. By the time I had finished telling them to mind my teeth and remember my seafood allergy they were relieved when they knocked me out and I shut up! I woke up grateful to not feel a drain but had extra cuts which I can live with. I had an overnight stay because the pain was very bad and the stones were the size of golf balls. No wonder it hurt. I wasn't allowed to keep them though miserable lot due to health and safety. Recovery is slow but steady but I am already feeling much better. I was told no follow up appointment but one came through today for July which I will attend.

Apart from that I get to sit around at home resting. How long will that novelty wear off?

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Well, I am signing off for a few days. Sugar, sorry I have only just logged back on, I will send you my email addy at once!

Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye, Cheerio, here I go, on my way!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Less than a week to go....thank goodness. The old Gallbladder is now really swollen and so is my tummy :( Oh well, not long to wait.

Ed has a tournament on Sat which they have a good chance at winning. If he can see as he has a beautiful black eye which he got mucking about on the trampoline. I swear the school thinks I beat him.

Thursday, 28 May 2009


Hi all. Been poorly the last few days, another infection, my gallbladder has melted onto my Liver. Yum. Why I think about Rhubarb and custard when they say that is anyones guess.

Had lunch with my Sister today. Had a nice salad and enjoyed the company. Then spent the rest of the day chasing round like a blue arsed fly. I am now sitting down and watching Britains Got Talent. Stavros is through so I am happy.

11 days and counting.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Tough Choices

I woke up this morning to an epic tummy ache...Gallbladder revenge. I had 2 choices, either, lie in bed with the covers over my head weeping softly or I could indulge in some retail therapy. But what to buy? I quickly scanned my clothes and found that last years shorts were way too big. Excellent, thought I an excuse. I hotfooted it out to the shops and found 2 pairs of shorts. One purple and one pair of crop hipster denim(for a laugh) Anyhoo, as I put the hipsters on imagine my surprise when they fitted. Oh dear, now I had a dilemma. Do I go for the purple ones (which are fab) or do I go for the ones that look tiny. As I gazed in the mirror common sense dawned...The hipsters were meant for a 20 year old with smooth skin, no stretch marks and a tan. In case you missed it I just described not me! The purple shorts won!!!

I also bought 2 nightdresses for my hospital stay. My sis Vicki kindly bought me 2 last time I was in but as I am sensing that I could be in for a bit of a stay I bought 2 extra. I mean to go in prepared with a weeks stuff because if I don't Jase will get the selection wrong!Bless him, he means well.

I am feeling a bit more cheerful now, lets just hope we get some sun for me to wear my new purplies! Ed has the tutor later then swimming. He breaks up tomorrow for half term then it's 2 weeks til the op. Bring it!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

First Kill

Milo caught his first bird. Clever boy. Not to be outdone, Miss Hoops caught one too, only she brought it in the house still warm...Yuck. Harry then decided to get rid of a pesky magpie that landed 2 inches away from him. He may be old but he still is not to be underestimated. That's 3 for 3....whose turn is it next?

Normally for Gb surgery it is keyhole but mine is in such a mess plus they are not sure whether stones are escaping I was told that to be realistic I would have to expect open surgery. I asked if they could make the keyhole openings a bit bigger but no dice.

Happy belated birthday to Todd. Sorry, mate I did mean to write on fb but my time got away with me yesterday!!!! Hope you had a great day!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Ok. No Race for Life. CRAP. I have adjusted my fundraising page to say I can't do it. It looks like I will be having open surgery 6 days before the race so no chance. Gutted. I do have to wonder why the universe has chosen to pick on me. What did I do to deserve this?


Wednesday, 29 April 2009


I popped over to Mum and Dad's today to do Mum's hair. In the course a sipping my tea it suddenly occured to me that I would need a tankini for my holiday. I have just bought a new bikini to show off the new figure. Crap. Now, I hate strap marks almost as much as I hate a certain previous clues but Dad knows what I am talking about right, Dad? Anyway, there is no way I can expose a new scar albeit 1 or 5 to 100 degree heat and sun.. Where o where do I get a tankini?

eBay of course. For the sum of £9 and thanks to recent selling on said website I have the money for such a swimwear emergency. Plus both tankinis are strapless...All is now well.

Now, travel insurance........I don't think eBay covers that...

Tuesday, 28 April 2009


8th June is gallbladder day! Thank goodness. Now if they can stop my liver failing in the mean time!!!

Saturday, 25 April 2009

My Son, The Hero!

We had our first football tournament today. We made it through to the semi finals. It went 0-0. We played extra time....0-0. Penalties!!!! Now, our team has a long history of losing in a penalty shootout. First shot..we score!! Their shot, Ed saves!!! We miss our next...Ed saves the next one!!!!!! We miss our last shot....Silence..... Ed saves and we are in the final!!!!!!!!!!

The final gets under way. Full time...0-0. Extra time 0-0....OH NO...penalties AGAIN!!! My nerves, gallbladder and heart are in my mouth... Ok.... We miss our first! Ed saves their first... We score, they's even....We score again... Ed needs to save the last one....Silence...You can hear a pin drop... They shoot...... ED SAVES!!!!! WE WIN!!!!!!!!

We now have a shiny cup to put in our trophy cabinet!! Plus it was on home turf near us, plus Ed is covered in trample marks where the team wrestled him to the ground and bundled him!!! Ed is a hero!!! I am one proud Mummy today!!!!!!

Does it show?

Tuesday, 14 April 2009


A celebrity guilty??? Holy murder, Batman!

Yes, Phil Spector is guilty of being a lunatic, murdering Lana Clarkson and far far worse having really bad hair. Did anyone really doubt this verdict? Hopefully the family will now get the closure they deserve oh and millions of dollars from this vile man. I wonder if he will share a cell wih OJ? Hmmmmm.............

14 days til consultant. Happy days.

Had an interesting Easter. QPR had a sweet win yesterday coming from 2-0 down to winning 3-2. Sheffield Weds weren't singing any more... Oh no. My favourite goalkeeper was playing which kept me entertained. If I can find one I will post a pic and you will see what I mean.

Can I just say.. Jade Goody...ENOUGH ALREADY!

There out of my system.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Weekly Update

I am still here!!! 3 weeks til the consultant.

Eddie's parents evening was successful. He is on course to pass his11 + and go to grammar school. His tutor was very impressed and said he was aleady working at a 90% pass rate. The pass mark is 85% so it's looking good. I am so proud of my little man.

Last night we went to the kit sponsors evening at QPR. Ed sponsors the goalkeeper who I do have to say is utterly gorgeous. Think Julian Mcmahon (Cole from Charmed) and that is him. A big yum! I spent a lot of time smiling and asking for a picture!! Heehee...I may be in pain but I am not dead!!! LOL!!!!

It's been a year since Jess passed on. That has flown. I still can't bring myself to scatter her ashes. She hated the rain the sun and being outside she was a real house cat so she is staying in the house, by the fire where she is nice and warm. Silly I know but what can you do?

Well, lots to do. Thanks to all who read this blog. I may not get any comments like some but I know by the counter that people are reading!!!!

Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Yesterday I spent a frustrating hour trying to get a sooner appointment. I was told that Mr Farouk's secretary didn't work Mondays at the end of it. Today I phoned up to be told that Mr Farouk was a very busy man and there was no hope of getting in sooner because of Easter. Oh, but I can pay to go private well, I'm sure I can but with what? Shirt buttons? So I am doomed to wait in pain and with nausea, back ache to die for and a lovely taste of rotten eggs. The secretary did say she would try and would phone me. Has she? The survey says: DA DA!

On a brighter note. My dear friend Sally is getting remarried in July. She has had a rough few years with her ex being a $%^£ but she now has Mark who is perfect for her. Of course being a good friend I had the first invite, so naturally I need a dress. Now call me thrifty but I refuse to spend a ransom on a dress so where do we go? eBAY! I tracked down a gorgeous cream and purple (what else) tea dress from Monsoon which retails at £85. I waited until the last mintue on the auction and swooped in with 1 minute to spare and bought it for £20!!!! Bargain. I already have shoes and a bag to match so outfit sorted. I am also going to wear it to my parents 40th wedding anniversary in June. I also got a purple summer top for 50pence!!! Gotta love eBay...

I have parents evening tomorrow so will be reporting on Ed's progress.

Well, must pootle, I hear Hannah Montana downstairs so must change channel!!


Thursday, 26 March 2009

quick update

Quickly before my pc crashes!!!

Woke up this morning with tummy ache and sickness :( When will I get this appointment? WHEN?

A sad week with Natasha Richardson passing. I won't comment on Jade Goody for I don't have much to say.

Ed did a production of Grease on Tues. So funny!!! What a talented lad I have. Will post pics shortly!!!!!

Happy birthday to Jared my nephew. He was 12 on Tues! How time flies... I am getting old people!!!!!

Right. Banking to do and hair. Oh I had to go back and get mine fixed. A terrible do. Think banana colour hair and that's what I looked like. Enough said.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Happy Red Nose Day!

I celebrate red nose day with a hair do. I have gone very blonde. Not by choice I didn't have my usual hairdresser and she got a bit carried away. It will fade. She also cut too much off *sigh* Never mind it will grow. Look at how positive I am being. Once it curls up it's not too bad.

Thanks you all for your good wishes. I made it to Friday and I managed a little drive out in my car. It hurt like hell but I can't stay here for 6 weeks like a wilting flower, no siree Bob! Nope I have to get on with it. I spoke to my GP (family Doc) and she told me very cheerfully that everything is very inflammed and would be until the Op. "Just keep on the painkillers dear" and the ever helpful, "It's just one of those things" Don't you love health care professionals? Anyhoo, like I say, I have a job (3) and a home and a son who rely on me so if I decide to go to pieces what will that achieve? Anyway, that's what early nights and really strong Codeine is for.

The good news is I can still do the Race For Life. I have to walk it though but I will not be defeated I will run it next year.

Well I must go, Ed is due home and I must sort out his swimming gear!

Have a good weekend all.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Sorry For The Delay..

Well, what a to do! 24 hrs after my last post I was rushed into hospital in the early hours. A stay of over a week revealed, a stomach ulcer, Gall stones and a mild heart attack.


In the course of the week one gallstone decided it was going to block my Liver duct and stop the Liver working. So, jaundice and much pain later the stone was removed by Endoscopy. I have to return in 6 weeks to have the Gall Bladder removed when I hope that everything will return to normal (well, normal for me) In the meantime I have a restricted diet because if I eat too much my life is not worth living and I must rest. Not easy. However, I am doing as I am told (for once) because I never ever want to experience pain like I have had or am currently having. Who knew Gall Bladders could be so annoying.

Jase did really well holding the fort here with Eddie. It's safe to say the cats missed their Mummy and we have a new addition. Willow the hamster is here. I caved...I am weak... My son, tear stained cheeks, the big eyes, I had NO chance! She is very sweet though, white with beady black eyes!

Well, that's my update for now, back to bed for a rest!

Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Sadly, Buffy the hamster died today. She was very old and very ill. I have to tell Eddie in about an hour. Wish me luck.

Friday, 13 February 2009


Hasn't my baby grown?

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Day 2

Ok, so 20mins was a little ambitious! I managed 12 mins then had to walk for a bit!! Still 12 mins is better than a year ago when I couldn't even run up the stairs! Today we are going for 15 mins. Slowly does it I think!

Milo is sad because the snow has gone. Miss Hoops is glad, she doesn't do snow. Harry doesn't care. I am looking at rain here, rain I can deal with. The cats will be in I think on a nice warm bed.

Oh to be a cat!

Monday, 9 February 2009


I woke up this morning to see 2 people had already sponsored me!! Woo Hoo!!! My plan for today is to work this morning, then get home and go for a little run. See if I can run 20mins without collapsing! I have set myself 30mins or less to run 5Km... 10 songs on the ipod!!!!

I am running for my Grandparents. 3 of them sadly died of Cancer. What better reason!

Day 1.....Should I have the Rocky music????

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Race For Life!!!

Hi all... I have just signed up for Race For Life. For our American friends it is an annual race where you can walk, jog or run to raise money for cancer. I am running it for the first time!!!! I am in training, so fingers crossed. I am really excited!!!!

Run, Suzy, RUN!!!!

Monday, 2 February 2009


Yep, it's snowing.....Ed has a snow day, I have to work. Jason has braved the roads, I am worried.

I am going to a hot climate soon, I am going to a hot climate soon.....If I repeat it enough will it come round faster?

Saturday, 31 January 2009

I booked our flights for our annual holiday today!!! Double the price of last year mind you but at least they are booked now. I also sent off mine and Eddie's passports for renewal. Mine was sent back because my picture had changed so dramatically I needed a countersignature!!! Good times!

It's been work, work, work recently. I am working all the hours that I can and it still seems not enough. Oh well, at least I am working.

My ipod died yesterday. I was poised today to march into HMV and demand a replacement when Jase (technical genius that he is) got it working. Well, he pushed the on button after it had rebooted itself but he still claims credit.

I am taking pics of Milo this weekend so you can all see how he has grown! He is so sweet and loving, he really is a lovely cat. Buffy is 3 now. Not much time left for her :( Eddie watches the cage daily but she is still holding on to life much to Milo's disgust!

Well, off to have a cup of tea now. Thank God I have kept the weight off so I don't have to buy a new summer wardrobe!!

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Out With The Old

I can honestly say I couldn't be more proud to be around today. I am not American but as I watch the live feed here in the UK I feel priviliged to be able to watch history take place and for once for the right reasons.

I have a feeling that President Obama's term/s will be great. I hope the small minority of "doubters" will be silenced. I hope Obama displays actions as well as words. Time will tell, but I have a good feeling...

So, from across the pond, congrats to all Americans today as your new President is sworn in. May he be great, true and just...

America has her voice.. Now lets hear her roar!!!

Monday, 19 January 2009


Just when you think everything is fine your boss your friend shafts you by taking away 8 of your hours. I now have to find another job to make the money up... *sigh*

"Always look on the bright side of life"

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Saturday, Saturday

As I sit listening to Eddie playing on Club Penguin giggling away I think back to when he was just a smiling little baby... Would I do it again? Hell, NO! HAHA! Bet you thought I was broody...No chance!

We had to take Ed to the docs today. He has been complaining about his ears for a while now. Being a fan of tough love I have been giving him Ibrobrufen and letting him get on with it. After all, the ear wasn't hanging off or anything. Imagine my mortification when he cries. Eddie never cries. He has an ear infection, love him. Antibiotics ahoy and no swimming for a week. That said, he has done all his homework and now is rewarded with computer time.

I am shortly going to buy another digital camera. MY camera has been hijacked by Jase for work. I never got it back and now cannot take pictures. Moral of the story? If you don't want your wife to buy another camera LEAVE HERS ALONE!!!!!!

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Don't You Just Love It?

I bid you welcome to my first entry of 2009. Things have calmed down now so I finally had time to revisit my Journal.

Milo was neutered yesterday. Now I hear the men out there sigh in sympathy but it needed to be done the cat was BONKERS! Bless him, he was very brave and got many, many cuddles. However, today I got home and was greeted by 3 fluffy faces on my stairs. The older 2 legged it as if to say: "It wasn't us" leaving Milo looking like a rabbit in the headlights. A quick sniff confirmed something nasty in my bath. Ewwww...... A quick spray of bleach and several Flash wipes later punctuated with "Dear Lord" and "Milo really" it was all cleaned up. I was a bit concerned though and Milo was taken to the vet. Turns out poor little thing had reacted to the anesthetic. As I said to the vet, Poop in the bath I can handle. Poop on my carpet I can't. Milo is now starved until tomorrow then on a bland diet. He has had a bad 2 days.

I am now a year older. My birthday was last Friday. Had a lovely day and saw my many friends. Saw Mum and Dad on Sat for a yummy chinese. Had Sunday lunch. Much eating was done. the vets today I ran into a girl who I went to school with. She was always skinnier than me, more popular etc. Imagine my delight when I saw she was about 3 times the size of me. I sat very smugly as she exclaimed through gritted teeth that I had lost loads of weight. Now, I know it sounds really petty but made my fricking year!!!!!!!!!It's only 15th Jan.

2009 bodes well..........
RIP Ricardo Montalban.

Dammit he was good. Happy hunting around the moons of Jupitar!