Thursday, 22 October 2009

This Post Will Self Destruct in 5 Seconds!!!

Her mission: To replace her dead vacuum cleaner before Curry's closes. To track down Dyson Animal to her nearest store. To have it assembled and used before 4pm. She has decided to travel to a town where she NEVER goes.

All she has is her wits, her keen sense of observation and a Girls Aloud CD.

Yes, today...she travelled, she looked, she found, she bought, she vacuumed all by 15.49 hrs. Her Audi drove where it had never driven before, cut across lanes of traffic,all to trade in her dead Vax cleaner for the ultimate cleaning machine. God bless Curry's for their deal. God bless Jason for getting bonus or we would have a REALLY dirty house. The best news of all.....

It's purple.

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