Friday, 16 October 2009


Facebook is the root of all evil. I have left and returned here where my true friends are. Imagine my hurt when through facebook I find out that a "friend" was too ill to see me but making social engagements with other people and was holding a baby shower and not inviting me. Charming.

So lesson learned and with sadness I cross off another person who decided to take advantage.

I start my new job on 2nd Nov. I am quite looking forward to it, caring is very rewarding and although not everyone would do it, these people do depend on you. I have done my training and have new car will travel!

Ed is waiting for his 11+ results. I think we are more nervous than him because we know how important it is. Fingers crossed it all goes well. I will of course shout the results from this blog when I get them. 20th Nov is the date...very nervewracking.

1 comment:

  1. that type 'friend' can unfortunately be found anywhere.
    hope your new job goes well. your right, caring IS important, more should do it.
    will be waiting to hear ed's results. sending good vibes.
    have a good wkend.