Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Woo HOO!!

The Honda has sold!!!! YIPPPPEEEEEE!!!! Thank Goodness that car is out of my hair.

My visit to the dentist was interesting. Eddie's teeth are fine mine however, required x rays and a return visit for "treatment". Now, when your dentist says "treatment" with a devilish grin and a rubbing of hands you start to feel uneasy!!!!! I have had this dentist since I was 8 so I do trust him. The words infection of jaw were used and clean up..so it can't be that bad. We shall see.

Milo has a mission. To kill the hamster at all costs. He will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. We have had to lock him out of Eddie's room because he can't be trusted. The other 2 cats are asleep on the bed oblivious to everything and everyone. I am sure Milo is planning a way of getting that bedroom door open. Hmmmmm......

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