Friday, 31 October 2008

Happy All Hallows Eve!!!!

I love this day!!!!!

I spent 2 hrs last night asking the question that at some point everyone asks themselves:

If you were halloween decs where would you be?

I found them in the end and my window looks aces! It's all for the kids you understand :) Eddie has deemed himself too old to trick or treat this year. Ah, how he has grown. All of a sudden he is a young man. Tall and mature. We had the Santa chat as well. I got round it by telling him that at age 10 Santa doesn't deliver and leaves it to Mum and Dad because he has loads of other babies and children to sort out. Ed accepted that. Didn't want to tell him I had been misleading him all these years!!!!

Speaking of that, Ed tried on some trousers today and they were all too small. Had to do an emergency trip to NEXT to buy jeans, trousers and tops. An early birthday present I feel but he can't go out looking like Max Wall. He now looks very smart and all of his 10 years.

We have had Milo for a week now. Bless him. He has grown and the other cats have fully accepted him. He asked today to eat with the big cats and not upstairs by sitting by Miss Hoops as she ate and looking at me then the floor. I moved his food downstairs and he was off! Mind you, he has learned about Harry and the food very quickly. Lets just say Milo won't be stealing food from Harry for a long time hence. Imagine a big Harry paw, a Milo nose and a kitten being bowled across the kitchen!

Well, we are off to Hell Fire Caves today. Must buy Ed some proper hiking boots because his trainers won't grip the floor of the cave properly but I got paid today and to our relief so did Jason. Poor Ed has gone without recently so I don't see why he can't have a pair of boots.

Have a scary day everyone!!!


Tuesday, 28 October 2008

My Poor Little Man!!

I mean Milo of course. He went for his "free" kitten check. Poor little mite had fleas and worms. By the time I had bought the flea spray and the worming stuff the free check was £41. Now don't get me wrong, when it comes to my cats, I deny them nothing and will find the money from somewhere but I was a little annoyed because the woman who had Milo said that she had deflead and wormed him. Anyhoo, at least he has been done now. By the time we had sprayed him and then wormed him he looked like a little drowned rat. I felt so sorry for him.

Miss Hoops went for her jabs today. £55 thank you for 5 mins. *sigh* Again a thing that is essential. Still that's her annual nervous breakdown out of the way and the vet called her perfect so she was pleased.

Also, Miss Hoops has extended the paw of friendship to Milo. Bless her heart. She is totally passive is Hoops so it didn't take her long to give in. She gives a tiny growl now and then just to keep Milo in line but I think Harmony reigns in the house!!!!

Milo and I have come to an understanding. He no longer claws up my leg and sits at my feet to be picked up. Told you he was smart. As for his eviction, blame that on a tired Mum and scratched legs. I would no more give Milo up than stop breathing.

On a side note: I was shocked to hear in the news that Jennifer Hudson's nephew had been found dead. It saddens me what one human being can do to another especially a child. I don't think I will ever understand. As for that awful Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross. They should be ashamed of themselves. Sadly, neither of them are clever enough to see where they went wrong.

Well, now I have bored you all senseless with my news I shall leave you in peace!

Say Goodbye, Milo...... He's waving!!

Monday, 27 October 2008

Milo Madness

He's smart. He is an evil genius. He frightens Miss Hoops. He climbs up your legs for a cuddle. He is Milo.

Relations are strained between Miss Hoops and the evil one. I suspect they will be ok.

A busy week is ahead. The weather looks bad. If Milo doesn't stop clawing my legs he will be evicted.

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Meet Milo!

Here he is. A very sweet purry boy. Harry likes him. Miss Hoops does not. We have a VERY grumpy (Oh My God I can't believe THAT lives here) girl!

Friday, 24 October 2008

What If?

In a similar vein to Jeanette's post yesterday I was thinking...

Has your life turned out how you thought?

If I had followed my original road I would not have been hairdressing or met Jase. Hmmmm...

Cue Indiana Jones music...

I wanted to be an archeologist. Basically all things old and creepy interest me. However, I had the brain but to my parent's frustration I was lazy and only did what was needed. (You know that's right Mum and Dad!!) I ended up with qualifications but couldn't be bothered to retake or pull my finger out. Believe me, I regret it now. Oh Hindsight!

Anyhoo, I decided to get a trade and went into my Mum's hairdressers to ask about a job. Bish, Bosh. I was a hairdresser. I added to my levels as I went, got all the teaching ones and now am quite qualified in my field. I am looking smug now...

Looking back, I never could have done the muddy, dusty field thing. Anyone who knows me well will know that anything under 3 stars and without a telephone hotline to room service is roughing it to me! I don't camp, I don't barge and I don't do fields. No sir!

So. Now I dare you lot to reveal all.........

Oh. It's 13.40...Guess who I am going to get in ohhh....10 mins!!!!!

Thursday, 23 October 2008

I Always Take A Dare!!!

In response to Jeanette's dare over at her blog this is how I met Jase. Not quite as interesting as her story but here we go.

It was 1992. I had a shocking hairdo which I thought was the business. Anyway, my Mum said to me that she had a friend that needed a haircut and could I do it. Of course I could! So I arrived on the evening and met Liz, my Mum's work buddy. Whilst cutting the hair, Liz mentioned that her son was due home and could I wait and cut his hair too. Always in need of the cash I said Yes. A little later, Liz appeared in the doorway and said her son was home. All I remember was Jason's head peering over the top of his Mums. Well, I went into the kitchen, cut his hair and got chatting. Got paid and left. The next day, Jason called me and asked me out for a drink and the rest is history! We got married in 1996, had Eddie in 1998 (himself a miracle as we were told we couldn't have children) and despite our differences we stay strong!

Oh, and I now have a good hairdo.

P.S. 20 hours until Milo!!!!!!

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Dum De Dum

Sorry about the title! Couldn't think of one....

Another busy day ahead. Colouring again, then football (soccer) training and parents evening! DUM,DUM,DUM!!!!!!!!! I shall give you the skinny tomorrow after I finally meet Ed's new teacher. So far, I am not feeling the love for said lady but we shall see. I fully expect a good report after last year, luckily, Ed is very good and I never get any nasty surprises!


2 Days!!!! I bet you all are excited!!!!! Go on,you know you are! I can hear the patter of tiny paws as we speak! Harry and Miss Hoops will be groomed so they look their best and shall be told to be on their best behaviour!

Cleaned all the bathrooms today with bleach and Cillit Bang... "BANG! and you are as high as a kite!" Could be the reason why this post is a bit random!!!!

Are those the men in white coats?

Hee, Hee!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Never Enough Time!

Well, what a busy time! Sorry I haven't updated in a while but the weekend was busy! Ed won the footie!!! Hurrah! Got Man of the match too so I will now button my lip!

Today was exhausting. Did colour this morning which was excellent. Then went to what should have been 1 and a half hours of hairdo. It took 3. Hard work, hard work and not just the hair. No tip either after I did a colour correction. By the time I got home, made a cottage pie and eaten it Ed was home. Phew! Got more colour tomorrow and out all evening Thurs colouring. Good job I like it!


3 days!!! Great excitement here. Harry (poor thing) was wandering about like a lost sheep today. We put a collar on him just in case he wanders too far. It's pink. Jason is a bad man! My poor Harry, ill and having to wear a pink collar. The humanity!!!!! Miss Hoops is going all out to look as cuddly as possible. You just know a corpse of a mouse will turn up somewhere. Mark my words!

Eddie has gone up to Gold academy!!! I am so proud. He will start being in galas soon. He is such a fish, he gets that from his Dad. I am more of the "No splashing!" kind of swimmer with my neck so far out of the water it's in Space! Can't get my hair wet. How very dare you!!!!

Friday, 17 October 2008


I fell down the stairs today. Hit my head and whacked my left shoulder. Now my shoulder and collar bone hurt like hell. Ouch.

Spent all morning waiting for the postman. He arrived at 12.45. Great service by Royal Mail there. Did Tesco (yuck) and the bank (no arguments). Had 3 children doing fake laughing in my house and I yelled at them. *Sigh*

Nothing else to report other than swimming for Ed later and I have to go and buy a mag to pass the time.


7 days and counting. Miss Hoops knows that something is up. Has sat in Milo's bed and on HIS blanket. Have put her blanket in Milo's travel carrier. That'll teach her..Oh Yes!

Madonna and Guy Ritchie....


Wednesday, 15 October 2008


In the Red corner... She's the tabby with the breath of death.. Miss I am NOT going to sit on that blanket Hoops!!!!

In the purple corner (hey, it's my blog) it's the yummy Mummy herself.... Miss Suzy!!!!!

The crowd goes wild.....

Round one:

Suzy places Miss Hoops on the blanket. Miss Hoops moves off. Miss Hoops is put back on, she moves off and sniffs whilst putting her bum in her Mummy's face.


Round Two:

Miss Hoops is patted, stroked and given a stern talking to. Miss Hoops blinks.


Round Three:

Suzy raises her voice at Miss Hoops. Miss Hoops blinks twice, hovers her paw over the blanket then jumps off the bed, goes down the stairs and out the cat flap all with her tail swinging.

Knock Out!!!!!!

Miss Hoops wins. Beaten by a cat with a pea for a brain. *Sigh*

Anyone want a fleece blanket for a cat? I officially give in!

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

I like Tuesdays!!

My headache has gone!!! Yipppppeeeeeeee!!!!

Also, I am VERY pleased to report that due to his hard work and work ethic, Jason was offered that job!!! He is still in employment! As you can imagine we are really relieved and thankful. The last 2 weeks have been just awful and I would like to thank everyone for all their support!


10 days..His room is ready. We are just counting down the days. Miss Hoops sat on her blanket for 5 seconds yesterday then got off. She WILL use it even if I have to use superglue. Maybe I should call it Blanket watch!
I tried to get a picture of Buffy but she got camera shy and took a bite out of Jason. It was funny...Oh yes it was...

Needless to say I have been nice to everyone I have met today. No arguments yet, but it's only 10.55.... It's early.

Monday, 13 October 2008

One Of Those Days!

I woke up this morning with a headache so epic, you could stick it in a chariot, drive it round a stadium a few times and pop a red Ferrari in the background!!!!! Eddie then informed me he needed some words in Welsh for his homework. Like a good Mummy I sorted that out and went to switch on the printer only to turn off the PC. Crap! Then had to wait until the entire thing rebooted and AOL decided it wasn't going to start. *Sigh*

With Eddie off to school, I got dressed, received a text from said son to say he had forgotten his homework. Dutifully, I went to the school to explain it wasn't at home so must be in his bag. Went to the dump to get rid of the grass after I did do the garden yesterday then popped home to get some painkillers.

Then I went to the bank. Now, I was always taught to respect my elders which is something I try and install into Ed but this woman.......... We reached the door at the same time and I let her go first. NO word of thanks. Then she proceeded to do the most long winded banking in the history of banks and complained loudly when the poor cashier was 30 seconds too slow getting her arse into her seat. Meanwhile, a queue was building behind me and the cashier was getting flustered. Now you just know this woman writes long letters complaining about service and signs them "Angry from.." She informed this poor girl that.. " We will get this sorted even if it takes all day, I have nowhere to go" Now I'm sorry but my heckles rose. I was heard to say in a clear as crystal voice in a silent bank..

"Well, you may not, Duchess but the rest of us do and by the way you are welcome."

Ok, not the most tactful but she deserved it. She spun round, opened her mouth, closed it and turned an interesting shade of puce. She then spluttered:

"I have never been so insulted."

"Really?" Said I with an arched eyebrow and a VERY sarcastic voice. Amazingly, she finished what she was doing and swept out. I then ambled to the front and did what I had to do with the thanks of a grateful bank employee. No one should have to take a customer like that, however old and rich. Do I regret it? Nope, would do it again. Old bag.

Moral of the story? Don't mess with a hairdresser on a short rope with a headache!

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Well, we lost. But unlike last week we lost fair and square to a better team. I could have been in bed though!!!


12 days! Have sorted cat litter and tray. Miss Hoops flatly refuses to sleep on the snuggly blanket I bought her so it will keep my feet warm. In fact she went out of her way to sleep on the only bit of bed that was not covered. Ungrateful little minx!

I really must get out in my garden and mow the lawn and weed but I am lacking in energy today. A shame too because the weather is lovely! I will hang the washing out though it would be a crime not to!

Buffy is being a little £$%^ at the moment. She raises her water bottle in her mouth then drops it on the bars so it makes a hell of a noise. She is protesting about something I'm sure but until I learn how to speak Hamster I am quite at a loss. But hey ho!

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Frantic Weekend!!!

I am exhausted!! I spent the morning cutting hair, cleaning round and then into town to get things like Milo's bed, cat litter, school shoes and new football boots. Got home, helped Ed with homework, sorted the washing and now here I am.

I am blogging from my laptop in my lounge!! I only got it yesterday so I am square eyed at the moment. Although this font looks a bit different, I can't tell the difference.


13 days until he is here. I spoke to his foster Mum today and he was one of two boys out of 11 kittens!! We were so lucky to get him. She also said he was the most cuddly! Good news! The only thing left to buy is his kitten food and a few new toys. I bought a snuggly fleece with paw prints on for his bed which is very warm and snuggly itself! You just know he won't look twice at it. I did the same for Miss Hoops and the little diva dismissed it with a sniff at once! Miss Hoops got a snuggle blanket too, can't leave her out and Harry got a new collar which he will NOT be happy about. Ever since he got knocked over he has refused to wear one but his wandering has got so bad we felt he should have ID on him. Sometimes microchip is not enough.

Football tomorrow. Alarm will go off 6.30 am. I must be mad!

Friday, 10 October 2008

The Very Idea!

Whilst showing off my very purple phone yesterday, one of my friends was heard to mutter:

"You are getting like Barbie"

GAH!!!! HORROR!!!! The very nerve!!!!!!

For those of you who don't know, I HATE Barbie. The very mention of her name brings shivers to my spine. For Barbie is the root of all evil, she must be stopped! Millions of girls everywhere are being brainwashed into thinking that big boobs, big hair and the perfect smiley boyfriend are the norm! Think about it, Barbie and her clicky posse, looking down their noses at the Bratz and Sindy, wearing the latest clothes and planning the next slumber party...It makes me cold and thankful I had a boy!

I blame the plastic one (no, not Jordan or Pammy) for everything...Hunger, famine, the credit crunch.. You don't see Barb shopping at Primark do you? Or eating Value (if she ate anything you just know she is on a diet) What disturbs me more is that most of the Playboy bunnies are starting to resemble her. Gotta worry about Hugh, maybe they should just give him the doll and be done with it, his eyesight can't be that great! *Sigh*

I make the distinction...Barbie likes Pink, I like purple and if anyone, ANYONE makes a connection between me and her again there will be war. Which reminds me, I must go and flatten my big blonde hair and push my chest down! Anyone got Hugh's number???!!!!

Thursday, 9 October 2008

It's The Little Things!

I am very excited. "Why are you excited, Suzy?" I hear you ask..Well...

At the weekend I went to the Orange shop to upgrade Jason's phone. (Much annoyance it was MY upgrade that he was stealing) Anyway, I was moaning because I didn't have a purple phone. Oh dear.. I love my Nokia but they are just not adventurous with their colour schemes. I therefore informed my husband that he had to buy me the new Sony purple phone for Christmas. Not that there is anything wrong with my phone you understand but it's the wrong colour. Husband wearily agreed after a hissy fit that resembled Veruca Salt. That sorted, we came home and I spoke the words that strike fear into husbands everywhere..

"I'm just going to browse on Ebay"

Now as women you know that is code for: "I am going to end up with 3 hats, a coat and something useless that I just HAD to get because it was all 99pence and a bargain and a super bargain."

Ten minutes later, I had found my dream item!

For the princely sum of £2.49 I have changed the frontage of my phone to PURPLE!!!!!! Good old Ebay, my faithful friend.

It arrived today hence the excitement. Jason is pleased because now he is out of a £79.99 present and I am pleased because my phone is purple. Everyone's a winner.. Petty De Jerney...

What SHALL I get for Christmas???? Hmmmmmmmmmm.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Mucho Thanko!!!

A BIG thank you to Sugar who made my witchy tag!!! I LOVE it!!!!!!!!! I am so ignorant about these things that is so nice to have friendly people who step up and help you out!!

Thanks again, Sugar. You are a sweetheart!!!

Sweeping In

Hello, all. I am sweeping in to make this entry then sweeping back out again!


16 days!! Now we all know who and what Milo is..sorry again to those who were confused!! This weekend is sorting time. The spare room is to be tidied and cleared ready for our little boy. Eddie is our little man, Milo is our little boy and Harry is Mumma's Harry. Oh I know..stop looking at me! I'm a big softie really! I won't even go into what I call Miss Hoops..

My chest and sinus is still bad. A week of antibiotics and it won't go away. I am loathe to go back to the doctor so I am going to fight it off by myself! That's the plan anyway, see me in a few weeks!

Ed had a school pic done yesterday. My what a grown up young man!! When I get it I will scan and post it here, also the party pics should be through soon so hummer photos and Eddie as Bart photos to follow. Milo photos will of course be available ad nauseum from 24th Oct. I apologise now!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008


Whoops!! I forgot some of you don't know about Milo! Just for you guys here is my little 5 week old boy who is coming home on 24th Oct.


Rainy Tuesday

I have been a busy bee today! Firstly, I had to get to the nurse for 9am for injections which was fine. I love it when a health professional tells you to stop getting thin!!! My hip is sore now though where I had the injection.. Ouchy!

Then it was off to my friend for my nails. I do her hair, she does my nails! Guess what colour my nails are...go..on. Bet you can't!

Got home and just had lunch with Jase. Sausage and mash..yummy. I am working tonight at the salon as well as Thurs but every little helps! I am off for my walk shortly the have to check on my ebay stuff and tidy around, my life is so interesting!

Tomorrow is very busy so may have to skip entry, working all day and all evening! I am thinking of the money!

17 days until he comes home! Can't wait! I have shown Miss Hoops a picture hoping she would understand. I am not sure though she tried to eat it, not a good omen!!!

Monday, 6 October 2008

Monday, Monday

God, it's cold today. My heating is firmly on and my house is toasty warm!

18 days!!!

Eddie has a party tonight. He is going in a stretch Hummer then off to a Hollywood bash! He is going as Bart Simpson bless him, he doesn't know about the limo so I can't wait to see his face! Oh to be young and innocent..

I am waiting for Jason to come home. They liked his idea but get this, they want him in for 3 days and then they will decide if they want Jason to do it or get someone else and make him redundant.

*Suzy looks at fellow bloggers*

Does this sound fair? Bloody corporations. If it were me I would tell them to shove it and take my ideas elsewhere but they know they have him over a barrel. Never burn bridges. So now we have to sweat until next Mon while they make up their minds. Charming. In the meantime, Jase has to work his arse off to prove himself (which he should NOT have to do) and could still end up being shafted. We shall see.

Oh for a little luck, a small lottery win or a dream job. Luck happens to other people never us. Ah well, positive, positive.

Sunday, 5 October 2008


I spent my morning in a cold, wet field watching my son play football only for his team to lose. It was raining a zoo, not just cats and dogs. Eddie played very well and in my opinion deserved man of the match. Now, what he has to do to win it I don't know. Oh wait, yes I a striker and score goals, hog the glory because THATS all the parents care about. Never mind that as goal keeper he saved countless of strikes and saved his team from total humiliation today because all the boys want to score goals and never be in defence and leave him open at the back, does that count? No. Of course not. Does he EVER get a mention for all he does? NO.

Ok, yes I am cross. He is my son and I am biased but he never gets singled out, never gets praised and I am seriously considerering moving him. Eddie is a good goalkeeper, actually he is a great goalkeeper, Wycombe wanted him, QPR wanted him and we turned them down so Ed can play for who he plays for now. Why did we bother? GRRRRRR...

While I am ranting, whoever keeps sending me chain emails please STOP! I never forward them on and they will be deleted. I don't need crappy things telling me I have a billion years bad luck if I don't send them.


19 days until he comes home!!!

Emms and Stu came round last night. Chinese and WII later and things were good! Yummy chinese and yummy snacks. You left your Go Go's here by the way, Guys!!! We shall be watching part 2 of X factor!

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Stupidity Reigns!

I Overslept this morning. Rushed out the door, drove half an hour to my first appointment to discover I had left my scissors and comb at home. Crap. I then had to drive half an hour home, pick up my stuff, drive half an hour back, do haircut then drive half an hour back again. Good job it was company fuel and not mine! I am only 35 and dementia is setting in.. Honestly I ask you how could I have been SO stupid? Answers on a postcard to this blog.


21 days until my little boy comes home. I am going to clean up his room this week and buy him a fluffy bed to lie in. It will go well with Miss Hoops' velvet pillow she sleeps on. Spoilt? My cats? I don't know what you mean and I resent the implication!

We saw friends last night. It was so good to see Gemma and Steve and of course Chloesday who gets more pretty everytime I see her! Yummy food, good conversation the night was fab! Thanks, guys!

QPR are playing on TV today Lord help us! That means ALL conversation stops until the game is over. Fingers crossed they win or no talk will be allowed for the rest of the day. I think I may go window shopping...

Friday, 3 October 2008

So Proud!

I am so proud of Jason!

So here, publically, I give props to a man who refuses to give up, gives 200% all the time and despite all his faults and my complaints is pretty much my hero. One thing is for sure, he is today.

He was made redundant from his job on Monday. Did he sulk? Did he get depressed? Did he give up? NO. He sat down, he came up with a BRILLIANT plan of an alternative role for himself, typed up the presentation, did his homework and presented it this morning. The result? Well, people were impressed, they are thinking about it and he has another interview with them Monday. Now...even if it does come to nothing I cannot be any prouder of my husband than I am today.

So everyone say "Good on you, Jason" and virtual pats on his back from all around.

And, yes, darling you can have a beer tonight!

Yet Another Day

Good morning my fellow refugees....

I am going to delete my aol blog purely because I am here...blogging.. see? That's me..waving!

I have a busy day of house cleaning, Tesco shopping, bank jobs (no..not robbing them) and other stuff. My life is so exciting. Plus I have a case of bad typing today. My backspace bar is worn out already!!

The antibiotics are beginning to work I am feeling brighter today. Jason has a meeting with "people" at the moment so fingers crossed something positive comes from it. We are "Team Hickman" at the moment and are sticking together. Thank heaven for my friends ( you know who you are) Steve!!!! and people here in bloggerland. My Mum and Dad and Sister have been very supportive to us. Thank you to you all....

Enough of the mushy stuff...

I am off to clean a toilet. Will the excitement EVER end???????

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Another day

Here we are 2nd Oct. I have just finished my salon job and have just got home. I am being worn down slowly by the realisation that there is trouble looming. Bills to pay, not enough income to pay them and Eddie's birthday and Christmas coming I am seriously worried. I work practically all hours doing what I can but it's not enough, I see no way out... *sigh*

That said...

Milo Watch!!!

22 days until we have another mouth to feed.

Maybe it's because I am poorly that I am not my usual self, hope so...Plus all this Jland disruption is annoying me. *double sigh*

God I'm a miserable cow today... Ignore me.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Pinch, Punch...

Well, it's the 1st Oct. Pinch punch and all that!
I awoke this morning to a headache of massive proportions, I felt like saying "Size of an Elephant!" Whatever happened to The Arabian Knights? God that was a good show and when I grow up I am getting me a magic carpet, the ultimate convertible. Imagine your shopping on the back of one of those babies...

Where was I? Oh yes..

Anyway, I have had this bad cold for over a week so a phone call to the Doctor I secured an appointment (That's a miracle considering you can only get one if you book two years in advance or if you are dead) A short 10 min drive and I was informed I had a chest infection and sinisitus. Well I do things properly! I now have antibiotics and all sorts of goodies for the princely sum of a prescription!!! I have until 7pm tonight to feel human, well, human for me anyway.

23 days until Milo comes home!!!! This shall be known as Milo Watch!!!! Needless to say the excitement is high here.

We are trying to be upbeat and light since Jason's redundancy. It's hard but thinking positive is the only thing you can do. Dwelling solves nothing so lets not dwell....

Right. I'm off to get some toast, the only thing for illness with lots of butter!

Bugger the diet I am ILL people!!!