Saturday, 11 October 2008

Frantic Weekend!!!

I am exhausted!! I spent the morning cutting hair, cleaning round and then into town to get things like Milo's bed, cat litter, school shoes and new football boots. Got home, helped Ed with homework, sorted the washing and now here I am.

I am blogging from my laptop in my lounge!! I only got it yesterday so I am square eyed at the moment. Although this font looks a bit different, I can't tell the difference.


13 days until he is here. I spoke to his foster Mum today and he was one of two boys out of 11 kittens!! We were so lucky to get him. She also said he was the most cuddly! Good news! The only thing left to buy is his kitten food and a few new toys. I bought a snuggly fleece with paw prints on for his bed which is very warm and snuggly itself! You just know he won't look twice at it. I did the same for Miss Hoops and the little diva dismissed it with a sniff at once! Miss Hoops got a snuggle blanket too, can't leave her out and Harry got a new collar which he will NOT be happy about. Ever since he got knocked over he has refused to wear one but his wandering has got so bad we felt he should have ID on him. Sometimes microchip is not enough.

Football tomorrow. Alarm will go off 6.30 am. I must be mad!

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  1. I remember traing Sundays well when all you want is a lie in. Have a good day and hope for a good result. Love Joan