Saturday, 4 October 2008

Stupidity Reigns!

I Overslept this morning. Rushed out the door, drove half an hour to my first appointment to discover I had left my scissors and comb at home. Crap. I then had to drive half an hour home, pick up my stuff, drive half an hour back, do haircut then drive half an hour back again. Good job it was company fuel and not mine! I am only 35 and dementia is setting in.. Honestly I ask you how could I have been SO stupid? Answers on a postcard to this blog.


21 days until my little boy comes home. I am going to clean up his room this week and buy him a fluffy bed to lie in. It will go well with Miss Hoops' velvet pillow she sleeps on. Spoilt? My cats? I don't know what you mean and I resent the implication!

We saw friends last night. It was so good to see Gemma and Steve and of course Chloesday who gets more pretty everytime I see her! Yummy food, good conversation the night was fab! Thanks, guys!

QPR are playing on TV today Lord help us! That means ALL conversation stops until the game is over. Fingers crossed they win or no talk will be allowed for the rest of the day. I think I may go window shopping...


  1. Hi, Hope you team does well can say that as they art not playing mine. Sorry about the memory sad to say it gets worse ha ha. LOve Joan.

  2. hope your team does well.. I did some shopping this morning.. spent way tooooooo much