Sunday, 12 October 2008

Well, we lost. But unlike last week we lost fair and square to a better team. I could have been in bed though!!!


12 days! Have sorted cat litter and tray. Miss Hoops flatly refuses to sleep on the snuggly blanket I bought her so it will keep my feet warm. In fact she went out of her way to sleep on the only bit of bed that was not covered. Ungrateful little minx!

I really must get out in my garden and mow the lawn and weed but I am lacking in energy today. A shame too because the weather is lovely! I will hang the washing out though it would be a crime not to!

Buffy is being a little £$%^ at the moment. She raises her water bottle in her mouth then drops it on the bars so it makes a hell of a noise. She is protesting about something I'm sure but until I learn how to speak Hamster I am quite at a loss. But hey ho!


  1. Better luck next week at the football. Have a nice day.Love Joan

  2. Sorry about the football loss, but there's always another game! :)

    I think after our guinea pig James Brown dies, I am putting a moratorium on any more caged critters. Sticking with cats and eventually another (mellower) dog.

  3. My daughter used to have two guinea pigs. She had separate cages for them. Those things would squeal like you wouldn't believe, talking to one another back and forth. When Skye would go in her room after school they would start in all over again to see her. They used to toss things out of their cage if they didn't think they got enough attention. Can't wait for Milo's arrival. Sorry about the game, better luck with the next one. (Hugs)Indigo

  4. We only had one game this weekend (soccer/football), because of the Blue Angels and Fleet week, but usually we have three of four! Ugh. The best part is that they are scheduled for the same times or they overlap. I finally understand monogamy- it is about extra drivers in the family, right?!
    Anyway, congrats on the win.
    We won, too. Yeah for both of our teams this weekend!
    Have a good Monday.

  5. Oh, wait, you lost, I'm sorry. I had seven 8 yr olds for a sleep over last night so I am punch drunk.
    Sorry about the loss. Good luck for next week. I am pulling for you guys!