Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Sweeping In

Hello, all. I am sweeping in to make this entry then sweeping back out again!


16 days!! Now we all know who and what Milo is..sorry again to those who were confused!! This weekend is sorting time. The spare room is to be tidied and cleared ready for our little boy. Eddie is our little man, Milo is our little boy and Harry is Mumma's Harry. Oh I know..stop looking at me! I'm a big softie really! I won't even go into what I call Miss Hoops..

My chest and sinus is still bad. A week of antibiotics and it won't go away. I am loathe to go back to the doctor so I am going to fight it off by myself! That's the plan anyway, see me in a few weeks!

Ed had a school pic done yesterday. My what a grown up young man!! When I get it I will scan and post it here, also the party pics should be through soon so hummer photos and Eddie as Bart photos to follow. Milo photos will of course be available ad nauseum from 24th Oct. I apologise now!

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  1. I react the same way toward my animal kids. They get under your skin and warm your heart something fierce. (hugs)Indigo