Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Pinch, Punch...

Well, it's the 1st Oct. Pinch punch and all that!
I awoke this morning to a headache of massive proportions, I felt like saying "Size of an Elephant!" Whatever happened to The Arabian Knights? God that was a good show and when I grow up I am getting me a magic carpet, the ultimate convertible. Imagine your shopping on the back of one of those babies...

Where was I? Oh yes..

Anyway, I have had this bad cold for over a week so a phone call to the Doctor I secured an appointment (That's a miracle considering you can only get one if you book two years in advance or if you are dead) A short 10 min drive and I was informed I had a chest infection and sinisitus. Well I do things properly! I now have antibiotics and all sorts of goodies for the princely sum of a prescription!!! I have until 7pm tonight to feel human, well, human for me anyway.

23 days until Milo comes home!!!! This shall be known as Milo Watch!!!! Needless to say the excitement is high here.

We are trying to be upbeat and light since Jason's redundancy. It's hard but thinking positive is the only thing you can do. Dwelling solves nothing so lets not dwell....

Right. I'm off to get some toast, the only thing for illness with lots of butter!

Bugger the diet I am ILL people!!!


  1. Just trying to leave a comment as I have been unsuccessful so far on lots of journals.

    I have a new blogger address which I have published on Jeannette's Jottings. I am really struggling with this damned site at the moment

  2. I'm so sorry about this Jeanette. I know it's not my fault but this is really upsetting the nicest people. So unfair.

  3. I hope you feel better soon!
    Chicken soup!
    Hope someone is taking care of you!

  4. At last I have time to write you a comment it has been a week. Sorry about the redundancy it is awful we had it just two and a half years before hubby was to retire all was well in the end but at the tiem ohhhhhhh. Quite like it over here what about you. LOve Joan.