Monday, 6 October 2008

Monday, Monday

God, it's cold today. My heating is firmly on and my house is toasty warm!

18 days!!!

Eddie has a party tonight. He is going in a stretch Hummer then off to a Hollywood bash! He is going as Bart Simpson bless him, he doesn't know about the limo so I can't wait to see his face! Oh to be young and innocent..

I am waiting for Jason to come home. They liked his idea but get this, they want him in for 3 days and then they will decide if they want Jason to do it or get someone else and make him redundant.

*Suzy looks at fellow bloggers*

Does this sound fair? Bloody corporations. If it were me I would tell them to shove it and take my ideas elsewhere but they know they have him over a barrel. Never burn bridges. So now we have to sweat until next Mon while they make up their minds. Charming. In the meantime, Jase has to work his arse off to prove himself (which he should NOT have to do) and could still end up being shafted. We shall see.

Oh for a little luck, a small lottery win or a dream job. Luck happens to other people never us. Ah well, positive, positive.


  1. We cannot afford to put the heating on,no yet. Sorry about that Corporation and yes, it does seem unfair.

    Will you get some pics of Bart Simpson, I bet you will, would love to see. Counter you put on using the HTML option on layout. Music, if you click at the bottom of my player it will give you the link to go to a site and set up your own, totally free. Hope that this helps.

  2. What a way to treat a person so sorry to hear this hope they just don't pinch his idea and give him the push.Hope lady luck changes for you. Love Joan.

  3. We're supposed to get frost tonight so the heater will go on!