Friday, 3 October 2008

So Proud!

I am so proud of Jason!

So here, publically, I give props to a man who refuses to give up, gives 200% all the time and despite all his faults and my complaints is pretty much my hero. One thing is for sure, he is today.

He was made redundant from his job on Monday. Did he sulk? Did he get depressed? Did he give up? NO. He sat down, he came up with a BRILLIANT plan of an alternative role for himself, typed up the presentation, did his homework and presented it this morning. The result? Well, people were impressed, they are thinking about it and he has another interview with them Monday. Now...even if it does come to nothing I cannot be any prouder of my husband than I am today.

So everyone say "Good on you, Jason" and virtual pats on his back from all around.

And, yes, darling you can have a beer tonight!


  1. Well done Jason and a pat on the back from Scotland hope that was not too hard. Good luck on Monday will be thinking of you. Love Joan.

  2. Well done Jason!! Hope you get something really soon. Suzy is quite right to be proud of you

  3. Way to go Jason! It's awesome when the men in our lives stand up for themselves and make a go at it. (Hugs)Indigo

  4. Well, in the almost 40 years that I've known Jason, he's always been a stand-up guy. Brilliant job, mate! Keep knockin' em dead!

  5. Well done and best of luck to Jason. May all things go well for him.

  6. Fabulous! Good luck with the interview, Jason. Knock 'em dead. I am sure he will. Sounds like a real go getter!

  7. Hello! I think us AOL users having to move has been a good thing. I'm meeting so many new people now. Come check me out when you have time.