Tuesday, 28 October 2008

My Poor Little Man!!

I mean Milo of course. He went for his "free" kitten check. Poor little mite had fleas and worms. By the time I had bought the flea spray and the worming stuff the free check was £41. Now don't get me wrong, when it comes to my cats, I deny them nothing and will find the money from somewhere but I was a little annoyed because the woman who had Milo said that she had deflead and wormed him. Anyhoo, at least he has been done now. By the time we had sprayed him and then wormed him he looked like a little drowned rat. I felt so sorry for him.

Miss Hoops went for her jabs today. £55 thank you for 5 mins. *sigh* Again a thing that is essential. Still that's her annual nervous breakdown out of the way and the vet called her perfect so she was pleased.

Also, Miss Hoops has extended the paw of friendship to Milo. Bless her heart. She is totally passive is Hoops so it didn't take her long to give in. She gives a tiny growl now and then just to keep Milo in line but I think Harmony reigns in the house!!!!

Milo and I have come to an understanding. He no longer claws up my leg and sits at my feet to be picked up. Told you he was smart. As for his eviction, blame that on a tired Mum and scratched legs. I would no more give Milo up than stop breathing.

On a side note: I was shocked to hear in the news that Jennifer Hudson's nephew had been found dead. It saddens me what one human being can do to another especially a child. I don't think I will ever understand. As for that awful Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross. They should be ashamed of themselves. Sadly, neither of them are clever enough to see where they went wrong.

Well, now I have bored you all senseless with my news I shall leave you in peace!

Say Goodbye, Milo...... He's waving!!


  1. poor milo! glad he's all better now. ;)
    glad miss hoops has accepted him into her home. {{}}
    yes very sad about hudsons family, prayers going out for them.

  2. Poor Milo, it sounds as if that woman has no idea how to look after animals, I would contact her and tell her what your bill was and tell her she ought to chip in!!! Glad Miss Hoops approves.

    As for Jonathan Ross and Brand, they are like a couple of stupid schoolboys. Ross should know better. I hope they get taken to court over this. It is not the first time either of them has been offensive and disrespectful. Personally I cannot stand either of them.