Sunday, 5 October 2008


I spent my morning in a cold, wet field watching my son play football only for his team to lose. It was raining a zoo, not just cats and dogs. Eddie played very well and in my opinion deserved man of the match. Now, what he has to do to win it I don't know. Oh wait, yes I a striker and score goals, hog the glory because THATS all the parents care about. Never mind that as goal keeper he saved countless of strikes and saved his team from total humiliation today because all the boys want to score goals and never be in defence and leave him open at the back, does that count? No. Of course not. Does he EVER get a mention for all he does? NO.

Ok, yes I am cross. He is my son and I am biased but he never gets singled out, never gets praised and I am seriously considerering moving him. Eddie is a good goalkeeper, actually he is a great goalkeeper, Wycombe wanted him, QPR wanted him and we turned them down so Ed can play for who he plays for now. Why did we bother? GRRRRRR...

While I am ranting, whoever keeps sending me chain emails please STOP! I never forward them on and they will be deleted. I don't need crappy things telling me I have a billion years bad luck if I don't send them.


19 days until he comes home!!!

Emms and Stu came round last night. Chinese and WII later and things were good! Yummy chinese and yummy snacks. You left your Go Go's here by the way, Guys!!! We shall be watching part 2 of X factor!


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  2. So sorry your son's team did not win, you entry reminded me of when my son swam hours and hours sitting in swimming pools too hot and stinking of chlorine the opposite of you but that's what we do for our kids. Enjoy the rest of your day once you thaw out and get dry. Love Joan.

  3. I have completely stopped opening forwarded stuff now, whoever it is from. Already got too much to do as it is. I am sorry about your son and hope he gets the recognition he deserve. Not stopped pouring here either.

  4. sorry to hear your team lost. Goalies get the blame not the glory.. sad too. There is no I in team but those goal scorers thing it's about them.