Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Rainy Tuesday

I have been a busy bee today! Firstly, I had to get to the nurse for 9am for injections which was fine. I love it when a health professional tells you to stop getting thin!!! My hip is sore now though where I had the injection.. Ouchy!

Then it was off to my friend for my nails. I do her hair, she does my nails! Guess what colour my nails are...go..on. Bet you can't!

Got home and just had lunch with Jase. Sausage and mash..yummy. I am working tonight at the salon as well as Thurs but every little helps! I am off for my walk shortly the have to check on my ebay stuff and tidy around, my life is so interesting!

Tomorrow is very busy so may have to skip entry, working all day and all evening! I am thinking of the money!

17 days until he comes home! Can't wait! I have shown Miss Hoops a picture hoping she would understand. I am not sure though she tried to eat it, not a good omen!!!

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  1. Where is Milo, and why isn't he home? I'm confused about that.