Friday, 3 October 2008

Yet Another Day

Good morning my fellow refugees....

I am going to delete my aol blog purely because I am here...blogging.. see? That's me..waving!

I have a busy day of house cleaning, Tesco shopping, bank jobs (no..not robbing them) and other stuff. My life is so exciting. Plus I have a case of bad typing today. My backspace bar is worn out already!!

The antibiotics are beginning to work I am feeling brighter today. Jason has a meeting with "people" at the moment so fingers crossed something positive comes from it. We are "Team Hickman" at the moment and are sticking together. Thank heaven for my friends ( you know who you are) Steve!!!! and people here in bloggerland. My Mum and Dad and Sister have been very supportive to us. Thank you to you all....

Enough of the mushy stuff...

I am off to clean a toilet. Will the excitement EVER end???????

1 comment:

  1. Cleaning the toilet, you mad devil!!! I am not going to delete mine, will see what happens when they transfer occurs. Please do not forget to come visit me.