Monday, 13 October 2008

One Of Those Days!

I woke up this morning with a headache so epic, you could stick it in a chariot, drive it round a stadium a few times and pop a red Ferrari in the background!!!!! Eddie then informed me he needed some words in Welsh for his homework. Like a good Mummy I sorted that out and went to switch on the printer only to turn off the PC. Crap! Then had to wait until the entire thing rebooted and AOL decided it wasn't going to start. *Sigh*

With Eddie off to school, I got dressed, received a text from said son to say he had forgotten his homework. Dutifully, I went to the school to explain it wasn't at home so must be in his bag. Went to the dump to get rid of the grass after I did do the garden yesterday then popped home to get some painkillers.

Then I went to the bank. Now, I was always taught to respect my elders which is something I try and install into Ed but this woman.......... We reached the door at the same time and I let her go first. NO word of thanks. Then she proceeded to do the most long winded banking in the history of banks and complained loudly when the poor cashier was 30 seconds too slow getting her arse into her seat. Meanwhile, a queue was building behind me and the cashier was getting flustered. Now you just know this woman writes long letters complaining about service and signs them "Angry from.." She informed this poor girl that.. " We will get this sorted even if it takes all day, I have nowhere to go" Now I'm sorry but my heckles rose. I was heard to say in a clear as crystal voice in a silent bank..

"Well, you may not, Duchess but the rest of us do and by the way you are welcome."

Ok, not the most tactful but she deserved it. She spun round, opened her mouth, closed it and turned an interesting shade of puce. She then spluttered:

"I have never been so insulted."

"Really?" Said I with an arched eyebrow and a VERY sarcastic voice. Amazingly, she finished what she was doing and swept out. I then ambled to the front and did what I had to do with the thanks of a grateful bank employee. No one should have to take a customer like that, however old and rich. Do I regret it? Nope, would do it again. Old bag.

Moral of the story? Don't mess with a hairdresser on a short rope with a headache!


  1. You are right, she sounded a real old bag. I hate people like that, think they own the world. Glad you spoke up. Hope your head is feeling better. Had another go at transferring my journal. Got to three quarters across and that was it. Waited half an hour, nothing moved, gave up. All those comments gone forever. All my archives for over four years show not one single comment. Some of them were so special to me.

  2. hoping your headache goes away quickly. {{}}
    sounds like the lady in the bank was the rude one. grrr
    have a good week.

  3. I think the lady deserved to be talked with that way. I would have done the same thing. Hope you're feeling better and the headache is going away.

  4. Good for you speaking up! That kind of rudeness and entitlement is infuriating!
    I am so sorry about the head ache. I know how it feels. I usually either have a head ache or migraine. I take meds three times a day to prevent..but I still get them. They just ruin your day!
    Hope your pain meds did the trick!

  5. And on a Monday morning too. Grear. Love Joan.

  6. You go.... now, did everyone in line applaude, lol....
    Feel better!

  7. Hi Suzy, good for me standing up to ghastly woman. I get people like that at work from time to time and I would give anything to be able to talk back to them. Some people think you are only on this earth to do their bidding...grrr! Well done!

    Love Sandra xxxx