Friday, 24 October 2008

What If?

In a similar vein to Jeanette's post yesterday I was thinking...

Has your life turned out how you thought?

If I had followed my original road I would not have been hairdressing or met Jase. Hmmmm...

Cue Indiana Jones music...

I wanted to be an archeologist. Basically all things old and creepy interest me. However, I had the brain but to my parent's frustration I was lazy and only did what was needed. (You know that's right Mum and Dad!!) I ended up with qualifications but couldn't be bothered to retake or pull my finger out. Believe me, I regret it now. Oh Hindsight!

Anyhoo, I decided to get a trade and went into my Mum's hairdressers to ask about a job. Bish, Bosh. I was a hairdresser. I added to my levels as I went, got all the teaching ones and now am quite qualified in my field. I am looking smug now...

Looking back, I never could have done the muddy, dusty field thing. Anyone who knows me well will know that anything under 3 stars and without a telephone hotline to room service is roughing it to me! I don't camp, I don't barge and I don't do fields. No sir!

So. Now I dare you lot to reveal all.........

Oh. It's 13.40...Guess who I am going to get in ohhh....10 mins!!!!!


  1. Oh, ten minutes. Well, less now. So exciting. As to how things would have turned out for me. Well, I wanted to be a vet but my Dad refused to even entertain my going to college. He had stopped my brothers, one of whom was brilliantly clever and he was not going to change his mind for me. He enrolled me in a secretarial course. I still have regrets over that.

    Oh, and if I had married the man I was first engaged to, I would have been divorced years ago. He had numerous affairs, I know I met him again years later and he admitted to it. How I pitied his poor wife.

    No, life never turns out the way you think it will.

  2. Hi Suzy, catching on on your blog. Thinking about it I would have been a fashion designer. Got an AA degree in that. It never went anywhere.