Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Dum De Dum

Sorry about the title! Couldn't think of one....

Another busy day ahead. Colouring again, then football (soccer) training and parents evening! DUM,DUM,DUM!!!!!!!!! I shall give you the skinny tomorrow after I finally meet Ed's new teacher. So far, I am not feeling the love for said lady but we shall see. I fully expect a good report after last year, luckily, Ed is very good and I never get any nasty surprises!


2 Days!!!! I bet you all are excited!!!!! Go on,you know you are! I can hear the patter of tiny paws as we speak! Harry and Miss Hoops will be groomed so they look their best and shall be told to be on their best behaviour!

Cleaned all the bathrooms today with bleach and Cillit Bang... "BANG! and you are as high as a kite!" Could be the reason why this post is a bit random!!!!

Are those the men in white coats?

Hee, Hee!


  1. Those days will go in a flash. Bet you cannot wait to get the little sweetie.