Friday, 17 October 2008


I fell down the stairs today. Hit my head and whacked my left shoulder. Now my shoulder and collar bone hurt like hell. Ouch.

Spent all morning waiting for the postman. He arrived at 12.45. Great service by Royal Mail there. Did Tesco (yuck) and the bank (no arguments). Had 3 children doing fake laughing in my house and I yelled at them. *Sigh*

Nothing else to report other than swimming for Ed later and I have to go and buy a mag to pass the time.


7 days and counting. Miss Hoops knows that something is up. Has sat in Milo's bed and on HIS blanket. Have put her blanket in Milo's travel carrier. That'll teach her..Oh Yes!

Madonna and Guy Ritchie....



  1. Sorry about the shoulder hope it is better soon. Not a mag paerson myself am a book fan.I think the price of mags these days is disgusting. Have a good weekent. Love Joan.

  2. I hope your shoulder is okay.