Wednesday, 15 October 2008


In the Red corner... She's the tabby with the breath of death.. Miss I am NOT going to sit on that blanket Hoops!!!!

In the purple corner (hey, it's my blog) it's the yummy Mummy herself.... Miss Suzy!!!!!

The crowd goes wild.....

Round one:

Suzy places Miss Hoops on the blanket. Miss Hoops moves off. Miss Hoops is put back on, she moves off and sniffs whilst putting her bum in her Mummy's face.


Round Two:

Miss Hoops is patted, stroked and given a stern talking to. Miss Hoops blinks.


Round Three:

Suzy raises her voice at Miss Hoops. Miss Hoops blinks twice, hovers her paw over the blanket then jumps off the bed, goes down the stairs and out the cat flap all with her tail swinging.

Knock Out!!!!!!

Miss Hoops wins. Beaten by a cat with a pea for a brain. *Sigh*

Anyone want a fleece blanket for a cat? I officially give in!


  1. Sounds like a fun fight - seconds out, round two!

  2. Too cute! I have a couple stubborn ones like that in the house. Why not save the blanket for Milo when he comes...just a thought. She might get jealous enough to try it after that. (hugs)Indigo

  3. I bet when your not around, she loves that blanket! LOL

  4. They do have a mind of their own don't they cna't wait for round two. Love Joan.

  5. It sounds like you lead a very happy and carefree life style. My wife raises fancy cats and shows them in the Mid West USA. But i prefer our service animal- Rottweiler boy, "Deuce." He is a noble beast.
    I like your blog.

    Tom S

    My URL: Heli-gunner Tom.