Friday, 10 October 2008

The Very Idea!

Whilst showing off my very purple phone yesterday, one of my friends was heard to mutter:

"You are getting like Barbie"

GAH!!!! HORROR!!!! The very nerve!!!!!!

For those of you who don't know, I HATE Barbie. The very mention of her name brings shivers to my spine. For Barbie is the root of all evil, she must be stopped! Millions of girls everywhere are being brainwashed into thinking that big boobs, big hair and the perfect smiley boyfriend are the norm! Think about it, Barbie and her clicky posse, looking down their noses at the Bratz and Sindy, wearing the latest clothes and planning the next slumber party...It makes me cold and thankful I had a boy!

I blame the plastic one (no, not Jordan or Pammy) for everything...Hunger, famine, the credit crunch.. You don't see Barb shopping at Primark do you? Or eating Value (if she ate anything you just know she is on a diet) What disturbs me more is that most of the Playboy bunnies are starting to resemble her. Gotta worry about Hugh, maybe they should just give him the doll and be done with it, his eyesight can't be that great! *Sigh*

I make the distinction...Barbie likes Pink, I like purple and if anyone, ANYONE makes a connection between me and her again there will be war. Which reminds me, I must go and flatten my big blonde hair and push my chest down! Anyone got Hugh's number???!!!!


  1. I have always disliked Barbie as well lol

  2. I'M too old to have had a Barbie my doll was called Belinda and she could walk 1947.....Love Joan.

  3. I think we should burn all barbies! lol

  4. You're funny! Ha ha ha i like, just not the ones made in China.