Friday, 31 October 2008

Happy All Hallows Eve!!!!

I love this day!!!!!

I spent 2 hrs last night asking the question that at some point everyone asks themselves:

If you were halloween decs where would you be?

I found them in the end and my window looks aces! It's all for the kids you understand :) Eddie has deemed himself too old to trick or treat this year. Ah, how he has grown. All of a sudden he is a young man. Tall and mature. We had the Santa chat as well. I got round it by telling him that at age 10 Santa doesn't deliver and leaves it to Mum and Dad because he has loads of other babies and children to sort out. Ed accepted that. Didn't want to tell him I had been misleading him all these years!!!!

Speaking of that, Ed tried on some trousers today and they were all too small. Had to do an emergency trip to NEXT to buy jeans, trousers and tops. An early birthday present I feel but he can't go out looking like Max Wall. He now looks very smart and all of his 10 years.

We have had Milo for a week now. Bless him. He has grown and the other cats have fully accepted him. He asked today to eat with the big cats and not upstairs by sitting by Miss Hoops as she ate and looking at me then the floor. I moved his food downstairs and he was off! Mind you, he has learned about Harry and the food very quickly. Lets just say Milo won't be stealing food from Harry for a long time hence. Imagine a big Harry paw, a Milo nose and a kitten being bowled across the kitchen!

Well, we are off to Hell Fire Caves today. Must buy Ed some proper hiking boots because his trainers won't grip the floor of the cave properly but I got paid today and to our relief so did Jason. Poor Ed has gone without recently so I don't see why he can't have a pair of boots.

Have a scary day everyone!!!



  1. just a quick note...ty for checking out the pet memorial, glad you were pleased with jess. :)
    did you add your name under "loved ones & visitors" on sidebar?
    have a good wkend!

  2. Amazing you have had Milo for a week, how time passes. Enjoy the Hellfire caves and Happy Halloween