Wednesday, 5 November 2008


History was made in America. I welcome change. Now we need change here. I just hope the media doesn't focus so much on colour instead of the man. I have a feeling Mr Obama is going to be a great President.

Sorry for no update. Been so busy and a little poorly. My back door went kaput today so I can't leave the house until an engineer shows up to fix it. They said "this morning" Well, I phoned at 7.50 and so far no one has got back to me with a time. I will keep phoning until someone comes.

Milo has been allowed to sleep with us at night. A cuddly bunny, he cuddles up and sleeps only to wkae 2 hrs later raring to go. Jason is not amused. Milo may find himself in his room tonight. Bless. Will take some pictures to show how much he has grown. He is so dear.

Nothing else to report except I am working flat out as is Jason. Eddie turns 10 next week. I can't believe how he has matured and grown up. He will be 16 before we know it!


  1. put a tag up this morning for our pres elect.

  2. I haven't ever been prouder to be an American. I hope with this new leadership we can regain our former alliances and stature in the world community. Thanks to all my UK and European friends who showed support for this amazing change!