Saturday, 28 November 2009

Good Times!

I went to see my sister's new house today and very super it is too!!!! Very large and roomy with a fab kitchen I am slightly jealous of (in a good way). I came away with a washing machine!!! Good job too as mine starting leaking this morning. Good timing or what? Mucho thanko to big sis!

Watching Harry Hill tonight it occured to us that we simply must get a knitted character. To google we went and tracked down one. He is coming soon!!!! I must say I am VERY excited about his arrival, we have tinsel ready for his scarf for Christmas!!!!

I met up with another Mum who's child also passed. She is getting a load of abuse too. We have decided to say "Bollocks" to them all and ignore it.

Now, I am snuggled up with my trackie bottoms on with a lovely vanilla and lavender candle listening to the pounding rain outside. It's almost time for I'm A Celebrity....

George To WIN!

Good Times :)

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Blanket Apology

I'm sorry that the weather is bad.

I'm sorry that we are in an economic crisis.

I'm sorry the Sky box doesn't work and I haven't phoned the engineer yet.

I'm sorry that people are being arseholes towards me and are ignoring texts and phone calls but are happy to use my house as a creche.

I'm sorry I have tried to be a nice person and phoned to see how you are.

I'm sorry I barely talk to anyone now for fear of being kicked in the teeth.

But mostly...

I'm sorry my child passed and yours didn't.

My fault entirely.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Price Crash

So, Katie Price is out of the jungle. So, she has dumped her boyfriend. So she feels she has acted like a right twit for the last seven months. So, the British public picked on her. What the hell did she expect?

I SO don't care.

Katie Price is all that is wrong with "celebrity" Britain. Every day she is on the front cover of mags, newspapers and anything else she can get on. She is a nasty, predatary female who loves the spotlight and do anything to get it. Last night, she hogged the limelight whilst poor Lucy Benjamin was forced to endure a measley two minute interview when she should have gotten at least 15 mins. I am glad the Katie Price show has ended and I seriously hope that no more is said about that obnoxious woman. Pete must have been on redial!! He is well out of that.

She has apologised...riiiiight.

As Kim would say: Too little, too late, my love.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Woo Hoo!!

Ed passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 126 out of 140 thats 90%. Grammar school here we come. We have to wait until March until we get his place through but we should get what we asked for! We are so proud of him! It's a shame that most of his friends didn't pass, at the moment it looks like Ed and another chap are the only ones which is a bit of a shock. We went out to dinner last night to celebrate :)

Paris was amazing. We went out first class (thank you Em) walked up the Eiffel tower (needed oxygen) and saw the Mona Lisa and was suitably underwhelmed. If I was priceless for no reason I would look smug too. It was a long day and we were very tired but SO worth it. I will log some pics on shortly for your perusal.

Thursday, 19 November 2009


Tomorrow is D day, Ed gets his results. Oh er....fingers crossed.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Happy Birthday!

11 years today at 7.22am Eddie was born.

It's been a quick 11 years filled with laughter, sadness, struggle and heartache but through it all Eddie has been a joy :)


Happy Birthday, Eddie!!!!!!!!

We love you


Wednesday, 11 November 2009

I tried to do my food shopping online for Xmas. Tesco don't go that far in their delivery slots. CURSES!

I have been running around today and just got home. PHEW! More hair shortly then more of the same tonight. It's exhausting.

We are on countdown for Paris. Picked up the tickets today (thank you Emma!) I shall take piccies and post them here.

Well, work to do...

Sunday, 8 November 2009


We had a cup match today and won 5-1!!! Ed even scored. He never scores because he is always in goal..

I was informed yesterday that (get this) "Just because I don't make an effort with you it doesn't mean I don't care"

Ummmmm, riiight. Surely if you care you make the effort. Or is that just me? It seems that in friendship these days you are expected to just sit back and accept being treated like dirt, GOD FORBID you should DARE express your hurt at the way you have been treated because you then become the villain of the piece. Oh well, lesson learned. I shall keep to my close friends from now on and keep my mouth shut.

On a lighter note, its Ed's birthday on Friday and Paris on Saturday.

OOOh la la!!!!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Bloody Weather!

Well, its cold and raining. I would go for a walk but my back door won't lock and I am waiting for a man to come and secure it. Oh my washing machine has almost died :( Its almost time for it to go to the laundry service in the sky, I wonder if Sugar can make a tag for my poor washer LOL. Its been faithful and true.

I spent a pleasant morning doing hair and seeing my Mum and Dad (Hi, you two) then saw my friend back here where we gossiped and caught up with things. I am now catching up with Bones. I LOVE Booth and Brennan.

I am so sore after shopping and wrapping, who knew it was such good exercise?

Its Bonfire night tomorrow and the fireworks are going off. Milo is a bit scared but the other two don't even twitch an ear. Ed is excited about his birthday and so am I. My little lad is growing up so fast. I can't wait to see his face when he gets his Christmas pressie!!!!!!

OOOH Dragons Den is on...

I'M OUT!!!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Well, from 8.30 am til 4pm I Christmas shopping and wrapped it up but I am DONE!!!!

How organised is that?

Monday, 2 November 2009

A New Week

Well, I am back after a week in Cornwall. Only 18 days until we get Ed's results and 11 days until Ed's birthday! We are taking him to Paris for the day should be very exciting.
I am still waiting to start my new job. The CRB check is still not through and I can't start without it. Hopefully it should arrive soon.

Miss Hoops has her annual nervous break down today. Yes, 5 mins in the vets and she will be in pieces. She is asleep at the moment so she has no idea!!!

I leave you with pictures of Cornwall.