Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Bloody Weather!

Well, its cold and raining. I would go for a walk but my back door won't lock and I am waiting for a man to come and secure it. Oh my washing machine has almost died :( Its almost time for it to go to the laundry service in the sky, I wonder if Sugar can make a tag for my poor washer LOL. Its been faithful and true.

I spent a pleasant morning doing hair and seeing my Mum and Dad (Hi, you two) then saw my friend back here where we gossiped and caught up with things. I am now catching up with Bones. I LOVE Booth and Brennan.

I am so sore after shopping and wrapping, who knew it was such good exercise?

Its Bonfire night tomorrow and the fireworks are going off. Milo is a bit scared but the other two don't even twitch an ear. Ed is excited about his birthday and so am I. My little lad is growing up so fast. I can't wait to see his face when he gets his Christmas pressie!!!!!!

OOOH Dragons Den is on...

I'M OUT!!!

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  1. just a quick comment to let you know my old blog is closed, but i have 2 new ones. hope you've been by, if not come visit & sign in to follow. huggies...
    links are on old blog.
    if you've already been, ty!