Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Price Crash

So, Katie Price is out of the jungle. So, she has dumped her boyfriend. So she feels she has acted like a right twit for the last seven months. So, the British public picked on her. What the hell did she expect?

I SO don't care.

Katie Price is all that is wrong with "celebrity" Britain. Every day she is on the front cover of mags, newspapers and anything else she can get on. She is a nasty, predatary female who loves the spotlight and do anything to get it. Last night, she hogged the limelight whilst poor Lucy Benjamin was forced to endure a measley two minute interview when she should have gotten at least 15 mins. I am glad the Katie Price show has ended and I seriously hope that no more is said about that obnoxious woman. Pete must have been on redial!! He is well out of that.

She has apologised...riiiiight.

As Kim would say: Too little, too late, my love.

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