Sunday, 8 November 2009


We had a cup match today and won 5-1!!! Ed even scored. He never scores because he is always in goal..

I was informed yesterday that (get this) "Just because I don't make an effort with you it doesn't mean I don't care"

Ummmmm, riiight. Surely if you care you make the effort. Or is that just me? It seems that in friendship these days you are expected to just sit back and accept being treated like dirt, GOD FORBID you should DARE express your hurt at the way you have been treated because you then become the villain of the piece. Oh well, lesson learned. I shall keep to my close friends from now on and keep my mouth shut.

On a lighter note, its Ed's birthday on Friday and Paris on Saturday.

OOOh la la!!!!

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  1. congrats on the win!
    hb to ed fri, & know you'll be having fun Sat. ;)