Saturday, 28 November 2009

Good Times!

I went to see my sister's new house today and very super it is too!!!! Very large and roomy with a fab kitchen I am slightly jealous of (in a good way). I came away with a washing machine!!! Good job too as mine starting leaking this morning. Good timing or what? Mucho thanko to big sis!

Watching Harry Hill tonight it occured to us that we simply must get a knitted character. To google we went and tracked down one. He is coming soon!!!! I must say I am VERY excited about his arrival, we have tinsel ready for his scarf for Christmas!!!!

I met up with another Mum who's child also passed. She is getting a load of abuse too. We have decided to say "Bollocks" to them all and ignore it.

Now, I am snuggled up with my trackie bottoms on with a lovely vanilla and lavender candle listening to the pounding rain outside. It's almost time for I'm A Celebrity....

George To WIN!

Good Times :)

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  1. wow, glad you got the washer, nice of sis to think of you!
    hoping you have a lovely day.