Tuesday, 30 September 2008


Greetings to all that find me here! I have migrated from AOL Journals.

Ok, recap.

AOL decided they were terminating Journal Land. Solution: Blogger. Here I am.


I face a dilemma. I registered my new cat today. He is officially Milo. I was very excited but then as I was making appointments for his check and jabs I got sad. You see, my cat Harry who is 16 has cancer. All hope is gone for him really, he wanders off and forgets, wanders in front of cars, looks very sad. So I thought, I hope he doesn't think that Milo is his ticket to the needle. Now, I know this is not logical but it got me thinking. What Do cats think about?

Where is my next feed coming from?
When are they going to pet me next?
I wish they would stop interrupting my 23 hour nap.

You get the drift. My little girle Miss Hoops is a diva. I am sure that her sniffs and blinks hold much more meaning than I give them credit for. Now with the hamster, you know when she is cross because she yells at you and CAN a hamster look cross? Hmmmmm........

Oh..got a job today!! Well, I have a job I got an extra job!! GO ME!!
My cold is almost recovered. Just no voice at the moment and I sound like I smoke 1500 a day but hey ho. At least I could wash my hair today..It was crawling I tells ya!!!!


  1. gotcha trying to catch up....

  2. With all this going on, then AOL upchucks us...(winks) Glad to have you this side of the journal forum. (Hugs)Indigo

  3. Hi Su, welcome to Blogspot. At least this way we can all stay in touch. :o)

    Love Sandra xxxx