Sunday, 18 October 2009

How Shocking

Ed had his usual weekly footie meet today. Sometime in the first half, my friend Claire and I (Hi Claire!) spotted one of our team being taken to his Dad's car. We thought that he was poorly or had been injured. The truth is actually quite shocking.

Our manager had quite reasonably asked the boy to play midfield. However, the lad did not want to play there and wanted to be up front. He started crying on pitch and when our manager asked why he was informed by the boy that it was all his fault and then proceeded to call the manager a twat. Now for our American friends that is NOT a nice word to use even for an adult let alone a child of 10.

When Jase told me about it I was horrified. Our manager is probably the nicest man you will ever meet, plus he is the only one who offered to train and manage the boys, plus how DARE a child speak to anyone like that. If it was Ed I would give him a hiding and ban him from the game until he left home, make him apologise in public and generally take away all privilages. Alas, I fear this child will get away with it because the parents don't care, think its funny and won't do anything. Anyway we won 2-1 after all that.

As to my last post, good chats with my friends (hiya Tina, Claire, Sarah and Wendy) have made me realise that these 2 creatures simply are not worth my time. Their loss, not mine I just hope their girls don't turn out like them.

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