Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Yesterday I spent a frustrating hour trying to get a sooner appointment. I was told that Mr Farouk's secretary didn't work Mondays at the end of it. Today I phoned up to be told that Mr Farouk was a very busy man and there was no hope of getting in sooner because of Easter. Oh, but I can pay to go private well, I'm sure I can but with what? Shirt buttons? So I am doomed to wait in pain and with nausea, back ache to die for and a lovely taste of rotten eggs. The secretary did say she would try and would phone me. Has she? The survey says: DA DA!

On a brighter note. My dear friend Sally is getting remarried in July. She has had a rough few years with her ex being a $%^£ but she now has Mark who is perfect for her. Of course being a good friend I had the first invite, so naturally I need a dress. Now call me thrifty but I refuse to spend a ransom on a dress so where do we go? eBAY! I tracked down a gorgeous cream and purple (what else) tea dress from Monsoon which retails at £85. I waited until the last mintue on the auction and swooped in with 1 minute to spare and bought it for £20!!!! Bargain. I already have shoes and a bag to match so outfit sorted. I am also going to wear it to my parents 40th wedding anniversary in June. I also got a purple summer top for 50pence!!! Gotta love eBay...

I have parents evening tomorrow so will be reporting on Ed's progress.

Well, must pootle, I hear Hannah Montana downstairs so must change channel!!


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