Friday, 13 March 2009

Happy Red Nose Day!

I celebrate red nose day with a hair do. I have gone very blonde. Not by choice I didn't have my usual hairdresser and she got a bit carried away. It will fade. She also cut too much off *sigh* Never mind it will grow. Look at how positive I am being. Once it curls up it's not too bad.

Thanks you all for your good wishes. I made it to Friday and I managed a little drive out in my car. It hurt like hell but I can't stay here for 6 weeks like a wilting flower, no siree Bob! Nope I have to get on with it. I spoke to my GP (family Doc) and she told me very cheerfully that everything is very inflammed and would be until the Op. "Just keep on the painkillers dear" and the ever helpful, "It's just one of those things" Don't you love health care professionals? Anyhoo, like I say, I have a job (3) and a home and a son who rely on me so if I decide to go to pieces what will that achieve? Anyway, that's what early nights and really strong Codeine is for.

The good news is I can still do the Race For Life. I have to walk it though but I will not be defeated I will run it next year.

Well I must go, Ed is due home and I must sort out his swimming gear!

Have a good weekend all.


  1. I had never heard of Red Nose day until I read another entry from someone across the pond today.

    Don't over do it and make sure you're okay!!

  2. I changed the name of my blog. I took my name out of the title. I didn't want anyone to be able to find me so easily by just typing in my name.

    New name is: A middle aged mom's upside down world.

    New address is:

    If you're a follower you should get updates as you're all still listed, but to be on the safe side, you could delete and re-add yourself if you just have me in your favorites and follow that way, you'll need to add my new address and delete the old.