Friday, 18 December 2009


Well, heavy snow fall overnight and as is the tradition in the UK everything has stopped. Schools are closed, no-one goes to work.....well, with the exception of Jase and Ed of course. It took Jase nearly 2 hrs to get to work but hey...he went.

Madness. I remember worse winters than this and everyone coped. Have we gone soft? Has the Tv reality show culture taken its toll?

Sir Terry Wogan signed off from his last show today. I admit I had a sniff as he said goodbye and I confess I was a listener. Many a morning I laughed with ole Tel...Radio 2 will never be the same. Chris Evans???? BLECH......NO THANKS....

Anyhoo, I am in my nice warm house, with warm toast waiting for the phone call asking me to pick up Ed from school.

Good times

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