Thursday, 10 December 2009

A New Edition

Finally I have 5 mins to update.

We have a lodger.

Harvey, the next doors neighbours cat has moved in. Let me explain...

Heidi has been away for over a week. It's been bitterly cold here overnight and rain in the day. Harvey has only a cold shed with a basket it in it for shelter and warmth. He is the same age as Harry, if not older. He was not fed for at least 3 days before he wandered to our front door crying his heart out.

Now I'm me soft, call me a mug, but there is no way on Earth while I can still breathe that I will let a cat suffer. So I fed him.

The next day, Harvey returned for some more food and it was freezing cold and so was he. He sat at my back door by the cat flap looking wet and miserable and when you touched him he was so cold. So I brought him in, fed him and gave him a seat on my sofa.

Jason and I discussed and decided. We couldn't let Harvey suffer or worse, be taken to the rehoming place where he would sit scared and alone and probably not get another home and be put to sleep. Harvey could have a home here, with us. Harry doesn't seem bothered, just the odd hiss to let Harve know who is boss, Hoops just sniffs prettily and Milo hides behind Hoops (scaredy cat).

So, a quick call to Karen, Harvey's original owner and it was arranged. Harvey has a home with us where he can live out the rest of his days in warmth and comfort, with food, attention and love which lets face it, is all an old gentleman wants.

Since then, Harvey is a regular in the evenings when it gets cold, he lets himself in and curls up and purrs a very happy cat.

If this makes me be it.

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  1. so glad to hear harvey has a loving forever home.
    may God bless you & yours for your kindness to His creatures.