Saturday, 13 June 2009

Adventures in Gallbladder Land!

Well, I am back home sans Gallbladder. I got away with keyhole surgery thank god so recovery time should be good. I was first on the list much to Jason's relief (he does not wait well) and went down at 08.20. By the time I had finished telling them to mind my teeth and remember my seafood allergy they were relieved when they knocked me out and I shut up! I woke up grateful to not feel a drain but had extra cuts which I can live with. I had an overnight stay because the pain was very bad and the stones were the size of golf balls. No wonder it hurt. I wasn't allowed to keep them though miserable lot due to health and safety. Recovery is slow but steady but I am already feeling much better. I was told no follow up appointment but one came through today for July which I will attend.

Apart from that I get to sit around at home resting. How long will that novelty wear off?


  1. so glad you're home & doing well.
    you've had many people thinking about you, & praying.
    enjoy the time 'resting', before you know, all will be back to normal. ;)

  2. Be well, Su. Sending much love and many healing vibes from Seattle.

  3. Hello! there....I found you by way of Sugar, but had looked in before.
    Glad your Op is over, and you are feeling better.
    I had Gallbladder removed 16yrs ago, and was one of the first with Keyhole surgery at that time, and I was in 3 days.Still have my 'Stones'(lol)
    Take care