Friday, 19 June 2009


I have changed my profile piccie....I don't usually photo well at all but WOW me likey this picture!!!!!. Today I have turned a corner, I was very down the last few days, my weight won't settle (still full of air) and just wanted to sleep. Today I got up, showered and now I feel fabulous!!!! I can honestly say I feel like I did when I was 19. Thin, (well, thin for me) and positive and wearing yellow!!!!!.

I am having lunch with my Mummy today and I am looking forward to whatever salad I have. The weather is sunny so I will get out and catch some rays. I am going to try driving tomorrow, hopefully it won't pull much on my tummy, but I have to get back out there I am so sick of being here and walking the same route every day.

5 weeks til my holiday!!!!!! I am going to enjoy every second of it even though it will fly by in no time. Life is good again. I may not have much money, but I have a husband who loves me (rare these days) a son who I adore (Eddie is fab) parents that are fantastic, a sister who cracks me up and wonderful friends and lets face it after this whole bloody mess I am still here and considering what other people go through my little world ain't half bad!!!!!

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