Saturday, 25 April 2009

My Son, The Hero!

We had our first football tournament today. We made it through to the semi finals. It went 0-0. We played extra time....0-0. Penalties!!!! Now, our team has a long history of losing in a penalty shootout. First shot..we score!! Their shot, Ed saves!!! We miss our next...Ed saves the next one!!!!!! We miss our last shot....Silence..... Ed saves and we are in the final!!!!!!!!!!

The final gets under way. Full time...0-0. Extra time 0-0....OH NO...penalties AGAIN!!! My nerves, gallbladder and heart are in my mouth... Ok.... We miss our first! Ed saves their first... We score, they's even....We score again... Ed needs to save the last one....Silence...You can hear a pin drop... They shoot...... ED SAVES!!!!! WE WIN!!!!!!!!

We now have a shiny cup to put in our trophy cabinet!! Plus it was on home turf near us, plus Ed is covered in trample marks where the team wrestled him to the ground and bundled him!!! Ed is a hero!!! I am one proud Mummy today!!!!!!

Does it show?

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  1. Awesome news! Congratulations to Ed and the team!