Friday, 29 January 2010


Yeah!!! Weekend ahoy! Thank Goodness although I have had a good week :) The oven was cleaned today and looks brand new. Its getting colder by degrees here and I forecast a cold weekend. Had a trim on the hair, nothing major you will be pleased to hear :)

Not long now until we hear which school Eddie got. Fingers crossed he gets Aylesbury Grammar. Its the BEST school. He has the brain :) They have the technology. Its all good.

Ok, back to more important things.

Today on....Return To Eden.

Stephanie rushes after Dan after he throws his toys from the pram and feels neglected. Altogether now...Ahhhh... Cassie ups the gold lame stakes with a glitzy all in one with matching hair accessory. Jake (who lurves Steph) sleeps with Jilly again (even though he lurves Steph) and gets control of Harper Mining. OOHHHH...... Dashing back to her work,Steph jumps off a boat just as it blows up with stroppy Dan on board!!! Oh No....The suspense... Is Dan alive? Can Steph swim without worrying about Harper Mining? Will Sarah EVER find hair straighteners? The answers to all these questions on Monday....

Until then, Croc fans...

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