Saturday, 16 January 2010

It's Alive!!!!

Well. Bronchitus, sinusitus and a possible dead thyroid. The hits keep on coming!!! I have spent the week in bed coughing and dying by degrees. A blood test on Thurs left me with track marks which makes me look like I have a habit. I have a doc appointment on Thurs to see what gives.

Highly annoying.

Today I am feeling more normal but I get tired easily. I must wash the hair (washed 10 days ago) and address the bath issue! First a cup of tea and The Parent Trap with the late Natasha Richardson and Lindsey Lohan while she was cute.

Harvey was registered at the vet as a Hickman. They have disappeared next door again and Harvey clearly considers this his home even though Miss Hoops gets huffy on a regular basis. I shudder to think what would have become of the old man this winter.

Lunch with Mum and Dad tomorrow. Big Yum!

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