Thursday, 18 February 2010


Well after 2 weeks I am back. Ed is well on the way to recovery with school on Monday. No sport or anything yet though:( His scar is very neat and healing very well I am happy to report.

Since I have been at home I have had plenty of time for my Davina DVD. Have gone down 1 dress size in a month!!!! Good times!

Ok, Return To Eden: In a nutshell:

Steph faked her death. Dan ran off with Jilly's neice. Jake got Jilly pregnant and married her. Sarah married Angelo (whose real name is Angelo D'Angelo)then ran off with Tom who was NOT her Brother after all. Cassie has ditched the gold and silver lame and gone for bustiers instead combined with frizztastic hair. Dennis has disappeared. Lots of talk of Crocodiles and Harper Mining.

Later, Croc fans!!!!!

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