Thursday, 4 February 2010

When Will They Learn?

Honestly, I am tired of reading of pop/rock stars who have died due to drugs and booze. When will the learn? It's not cool, it's not clever and they are dead. Where is the logic in that? Mind you I am still stunned that Ozzy is still alive. Wake up and smell the reality, guys.

Drink and drugs are bad. OK?

Ok, Return To Eden...let me bring you up to speed.

Jake controls Harper Mining. Steph is gonna fight, fight, fight for this love..(thanks Cheryl) Dan has gone all moody again despite Steph finding him washed up on a beach (no gratitude) Tom is Steph's son!!!! Sarah who still is a bit frizzy loves Tom and not in the brotherly sense. Ooops. Dennis is well, not sure really and Cassie is bored of gold and has switched to Silver lame...very fetching.

DA DA DAH!!!!!!

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